Homonyms and Condoms


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In his famous lines above we see a glaring naivety of Rocky as he fails to differentiate the difference between condoms and condominiums! Homonyms are a group of words that share spelling and pronunciation but may have different meanings. An example might be the word ‘right’, which may mean the opposite of right which is left or to be right as in being correct. The term left is also a homonym as it may mean a left hand or that a person has left a building.

It is not just the English language which has Homonyms; many languages including Hebrew have Homonyms too. An important principle which is often forgotten by self proclaimed experts of the Hebrew language is not to think that a Homonym in English is the same in Hebrew. Take for example the graphic below which is on a par if not better than Rocky’s demonstration of not knowing the difference between condoms and condominiums! At least Rocky does not get things mixed up with Italian!


Right as in correct is (יָכַח) ‘yachach’ in Hebrew (Strongs number H3198) and is NOT a Homonym of right as in correct (יָמִין), ‘yahmin’ in Hebrew (Strongs number H3225). Adding further to the dumbness of such ascertains is the ignorance with respect to the word amen being ‘yahmin’, amen homiletically, is an acronym for אל מלך נאמן (ʾEl melekh neʾeman, “God, trustworthy King”), the phrase recited silently by an individual before reciting the Shema. Further that the word amen is actually used in scripture (אָמֵן) in Num 5:22 (and elswhere) and is not to be confused with ‘yahmin’ which means right as in the opposite of left. But then again what do Jews know about their language in the Hebrew Scriptures, custom and practice?

Jews obviously need the enlightened wisdom of non-Jews……after all condoms and condominiums are the same in both English and Italian…right, amen? Rocky has left the building!!


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