Kosher Reality

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Kosher Reality


A Jewish Response to

“The Real Kosher Jesus” by Dr. Michael L Brown



When Rabbi Shmuli Boteach published a book entitled “Kosher Jesus” a storm erupted. Jews criticized the book for its misrepresentation of the Jewish conception of “Kosher.” The scholars of conventional wisdom complained that Rabbi Boteach’s book misrepresented the study of history. And Christians were offended by Rabbi Boteach’s misrepresentation of Christianity’s Jesus.

Dr. Michael Brown, a prominent Christian evangelist, took up his pen in defense of his faith. As a response to Rabbi Boteach’s book, Dr. Brown authored a 200 page book named: “The Real Kosher Jesus.” In this book Dr. Brown describes what he believes is the “real” Jesus, and he puts forth various arguments why his “real” Jesus should be considered “kosher” (i.e. acceptable to the Jewish people).

This is not a new activity for Dr. Brown…

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