Clarification Of A Local Baltimore Issue

Clarification Of A Local Baltimore Issue

(Sunday, April 27th, 2014)

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Baltimore Jewish Life  was asked by Rabbi Shlomo Porter to post the letter below sent to the Rabanim of the Baltimore community.

April 25, 2014

Honored Rabbonim,

With consultation with Rabbis Heinemann, Kostelitz, Goldberger, and Naimen, I am informing you and the frum community about the status of Mark Hart.

Mark was born to a Jewish mother who could not take care of him at that time. He was placed in a non-Jewish home and raised as a Catholic. When he was 20 years old, he found out that he was Jewish and chose to become observant. Eighteen years ago, he moved to Baltimore to be part of the frum community. Meanwhile, he had retained connections to the Seventh Day Adventist movement and their world of belief. Mark lived two separate lives.

There is no evidence that he has shared his own beliefs with anyone in the frum community. Due to the organization, “Jews for Judaism,” we found out that he was a volunteer “Rabbi” at a Baltimore church. After being confronted, he admitted freely about his struggle in belief.

As of Erev Pesach, April 14, 2014, he has severed all associations to the church and belief in Christianity. The aforementioned Rabbonim feel that his teshuva should be accepted, while being monitored for a probationary period.

According to Rabbi Heinemann, non-mevushal wine touched by Mark after April 14, 2014 is considered kosher. Mark has sincerely chosen to be part of the frum community and belief system of Torah Judaism. He should not be harassed in any way.

(Studio B – YWN)

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