A new Edition

Well here we have an addition to the Shuvu team in the form of another fake “rabbi” / “rav” Yehezqel who received “semicha” from fake “Rabbi” Ya’aqov Farber.


The days of the $huvu academy/ Ye$hiva are still new but what may we expect apart from a pink shirt and a tattoo? The same caliber of scholarship as its Rosh Yeshiva? Well we will just have to wait and see. Perhaps we may see leadership by example such as simultaneously claiming to hold to rabbinical / Torah standards whilst being married to non-Jews and sporting tattoos? Ever get the feeling that if you start off wrong your gonna end wrong? Stay posted!

Well no sooner had the post above had gone out my link to Kehilat Melech Yisrael facebook page no longer works, how strange!!


Here is where “rabbi” Jack (Yaakov) Farber gets his rabbinical credentials, surprise surprise, the same Christian / messianic organization as fake “rabbi” itzhak shapira!!

Jack farber

6 thoughts on “A new Edition

  1. His name is Robert Malinconico and although his fake shul’s site says his parents are anusim from Sardinia…he personally said they were from New Jersey. His wife, Keturah, formerly known as Latonya Williams, when asked if she was Jewish, simply replied by saying, “I am who I am.” They never converted and have no proof of Jewish ancestry. They’re Christian by religion/theology, but Messianic by name. What’s more, Former fake rabbi Jack Farber, when getting Israeli citizenship, lied that he didn’t remember which Hebrew school he attended because he was ‘old’ but in reality he was raised Christian and never went to Hebrew school. Also, when I asked what his, Farber’s primary bible translation was (trick question) he said KJV.

    I could say more…


  2. For fun, check out Secta 7 on YouTube. It’s a band Robert and Latonya used to be in.

    They can be glad they’re not really Jewish because at least they won’t be guilty for their great violations of the majority of the 39 categories of melachot on shabbat, rules and customs of tzniut, kashrut, laws of niddah(she doesn’t go to the mikvah), etc. But, as a non Jew they will be fully guilty for committing idolatry. Here is a statement from their ‘shul’ website.

    “…Our uniqueness is that we are both Jew and non-Jew who are bound together in the worship of our Moshiach in the customs and traditions of the Torah, while maintaining the power and liberty of the Ruach HaKodesh… ”

    So…they worship a false moshiach on top of everything else. Their claim is that Yeshu isnt a part of a Trinity but is ‘divine’ and so can be worshipped. They frequent real Jewish events around the town they’re in, Toronto, demanding that their congregants not reveal who they really are. They’re big fans of people going through real conversion (although not going through it themselves) to become missionaries among the Jewish community and he, Robert aka Zeke, claimed some people he knows have already gone through it but he wouldn’t give names. To be fair, they’re only following in the footsteps of another faker, Paul (From Christian writings) who was “all things to all men.”





    • I put Latonya’s name above links to her stuff (there are a lot more) ti show that the links are for her but besides these links I knew them personally. It opened my eyes to the things Christians are willing to do, say, lie about, etc to convert Jews. All the more reason all of us need to make sure the youth have a proper Jewish education.


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