Article: Four ways Christianity and other world religions deceive their followers

Daily Minyan

By Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

The Flaws of Christianity and [other] Religions

Should we allow our lives to be guided by what is popular? Are we to simply follow the crowd, without questioning our beliefs? As all religions oppose each other, all religions cannot be God’s word.


Our souls are at stake, and our limited time here in Earth demands that we take stock in what our actions and beliefs must be. Are we living life properly, what our Creator asks, what is truly best for ourselves? We must realize the false notions we harbor, be we Jew or Gentile. It is imperative that we all question these popular notions and not blindly coast through life, losing what could be an inspiring and enlightening existence. What a tragic loss of God’s gift of life to each of us, if we do not engage our intelligence, given to man and no other…

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