Hijacking and Repackaging our Symbols

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The Kiddush Cup

©Menashe Dovid, 16 Feb 2014

BullJulia Glattfelt asks the question “What’s a Kiddush Cup?” in a post on an emerging blog to promote their agenda[1]. Of course Jesus/ Yeshua used a cup at the last supper which uniquely dovetails in with the Kiddush cup of Judaism, according to Julia. Not only that Julia’s answer flies hot on the tail of the notion that the reader (presumably a Christian/ messianic ‘believer’) who has been convinced that the Torah is still in effect, now is trying to ‘work in’ the many customs and terms never even considered before and what a good place to start with non-other than the good old Kiddush cup!

The conclusion of course is most telling:

Will you drink?

Are you ready to accept that restoration plan? Will you share the covenant meal with your brethren as a memorial of the renewed…

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