The actual prophecies about the Jewish Moshiach

Noach ben Avraham


LOOK CLOSER at this picture… Christianity and Messianic Judaism(as well as other religions) are all claiming that their messiah is THE Messiah sent from HaShem. If this is true, then HaShem is not the Creator we all think He Is. What kind of Creator has such a bad memory that He would do things out of order, put things in the wrong place(like in the picture) and then say “you’re blind” when you start spotting all the errors? Who would set up “rules for assembly” and then NOT follow His Own Instructions? NOT HaShem!!!

Please understand that if the “final product” is NOT according to The Masters Design(like in this picture), it must be recalled and NOT put into circulation.

NOTE: “HaShem” = G-d/Adonai/ praise His Name (just in case some are not familiar with the term) ~ wil’Liam Hall

[Picture borrowed]

The actual prophecies about the Jewish Moshiach

The actual…

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