Christian self-fulfilling prophecy about Jews suffering for rejecting Jesus

Daily Minyan

those-jewsThroughout the last two thousand years and even to this day Christians have claimed that the Jewish people have experienced great persecutions and immense suffering because G-d has punished them for their rejection of Jesus. Since Jews, as the Greek Testament claims, murdered the “son of god”, and since they flatly refused to worship the man-god Jesus in addition to the G-d of Israel whom they already worshiped, or even accept his messianic claims, they received their just deserts. What is overlooked by Christians in such claims is the fact that much of this suffering was meted out not by some third parties, but by their own European and later Christian forebears.

The seeds of this can already be seen in the New Testament itself. In the passage the many NT scholars believe to be a much later interpolation by church scribes written in Paul’s name (since it has Paul…

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