A word from the pews

kay wilsonThere are some things which are difficult to report owing to their complexity sometimes. A case in point concerns my Face book friend Kay Wilson whose story has been posted here previously on my blog: The story entitled “In the Shadow of Death” tells how Kay Wilson and here friend Kristine were victims of terror here in Israel and how subsequently four months after her ordeal, Kay Wilson was not allowed to put her point of view/ story over at “Christ At The Checkpoint,” (CATC) a Christian conference held in Bethlehem. In her own words:

I hoped that the seeming openness of the CATC towards Israelis coupled with the fact that Kristine (Kay’s friend who was murdered) was a Christian would grant me a platform. I was declined on the grounds, “there is no space” bizarrely concluding, “this is not what the Lord wants.”…… For any self-respecting person, and especially for Israelis such as myself, the endorsement of terror by association [i.e. CATC endorsing terror by denying Kay a platform], at a Christian conference, is obscene. (Italics supplied for clarity)

The above presents rather nicely how things are such a mess here in Israel where there is a heavy mix between politicsthe promise and religion going on. The heavy mix often sees Orthodox Jews lucratively caught up in fraternizing with numerous evangelizing Christian organizations and the messianic organizations they support, who are all caught up in the big money pot of ‘supporting’ and ‘loving’ Israel. Just how some of these Orthodox Jews can sleep at night or go about maintaining their acceptance within their respective Orthodox communities without being branded as ‘a secret Christian’ or ‘a secret missionary’ is somewhat of a mystery to me.

The heavy mix also sees the representatives of the numerous evangelizing Christian organizations and the messianic organizations they support living the life here in Israel too. Again as with Orthodox Jews caught up in the money pot but in a different way, there are questions; how do these Christian/ messianic representatives deal with the various dissonances and contradictions they come across and their own personal convictions? Trapped in their own Orwellian double speak they give out the message to the Israeli public that they do not believe in replacement theology yet actively seek Jewish converts to Jesus/ Yeshua. Only this week we have an example of Orwellian double speak where one missionary organization wants the Jewish Israel blog to remove the label ‘missionary’ from one of their videos:

“The work that Asher Intrater [messianic leader in Israel] does is very much the work of a missionary. We have no problem with the word, and Asher would have no problem calling himself a missionary, but in front of the right people.”……

“To a Jewish Israeli mind, the word missionary does not bring good thoughts, nor does it help to build bridges of dialog between Asher and those attacking him. Instead they use this word against him. Because Asher is actively reaching out to religious Jews, it is more beneficial that the word missionary is not connected to his name online.”

A shock to my System

With the above in mind I have yet a shock to my system in a recent post concerning Kay Wilson: “Jewish terror victim (Kay Wilson) hid Arab Zionist teen during Gaza war”. Apparently Kay Wilson, survivor of a terror attack, opened her home to Nazareth native Mohammad Zoabi, who later fled to US for his pro-Israel views.  The shock to my system was the description of Kay Wilson as:

A Messianic Israeli, who played dead and escaped the same deadly fate her American-Christian travelling companion met at the hands of Palestinian Authority terrorists, wrote on her Facebook page Saturday that she recently protected  “Muslim Zionist” teenager Mohammed Zoabi from Arabs who wanted to murder him. (http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/christian-terror-victim-protected-mohammed-the-zionist-from-terrorists/2014/12/21/)

In a closer look via the internet Kay is billed as

  1. A ‘messianic Jew’ according to the Anglicans. (http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/anglo-file/anglican-church-members-grapple-with-fallout-over-brutal-knife-attack-1.334406)
  2. Chosen People Ministries [a messianic Jewish organization] has a variant of Kay’s name as Susan Kaye Wilson and her friend Kristine Luken, who are “both strong believers in Jesus who served with local ministries, were hiking in the Judean Hills when they were attacked by two Palestinian men.” http://www.chosenpeople.com/main/israel-articles/567-inside-israel-december-4-2011
  3. The Messianic Times has her billed as a “Messianic Jewish tour guide and survivor of a murder attempt in Jerusalem,” http://www.messianictimes.com/daily-news/featured-story/2476-kay-wilson-speaks-at-jewish-community-center

By all accounts on both sides of the divide between Jews and Christians have Kay Wilson billed as a messianic believer in Jesus / Yeshua apparently!

So will the real Kay Wilson please say something? Well Kay was good to her word as she personally promised to me to respond. Here is a snippet of what she says:

I am me. I am not an observant Jew because I do not have the desire to refrain from driving to the beach on Shabbat. I live with the reality of the uncertainty that I may not be alive to hear the sound of waves on Sunday. I deplore the hate speech emerging from some elements of this community towards those who think differently.

I am me. I am not a Christian because nothing in me wanted to go to heaven. I wanted to live. I am not able to forgive the sons of evil who have shown neither remorse or restitution. I deplore the hate speech emerging from some elements of this community towards those who think differently.

I am me. I am not a Messianic Jew because certainties pertaining to the lofty matters of salvation and the World to Come, for me – at least – are unknown and remain a matter of mystery. I envy those who have an inner assurance of the things I myself  did not experience at the moment of death. I deplore the hate speech emerging from some elements of this community towards those who think differently.

I am me. I am not a secular Jew. I am unable to see that we are solely People of the Land and not People of the Book. I am unable to embrace an ideology that does not acknowledge the miraculous nature of the gathering of exiles to the Land of Israel after 2000 years. I deplore the hate speech emerging from some elements of this community towards those who think differently…..

I am me; a Jew, yet first and foremost a human-being who has eyes, hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; I am fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as any other human-being. If you prick me, I also bleed. I am a human-being who four years ago aged decades in thirty minutes in a forest in Israel. I am a human being who was prematurely awarded insights that belong to those who have suffered and know the fragility of life and its priorities.

On behalf of all the regular and not so regular customers of religion and politics, a big thank you to you Kay Wilson for your clarification [original blog post ended here] even though you cancelled the authenticity of it by your subsequent nasty comments which shows your true colours. As a regular customer of religion I can see right through you and your empty words above!

True colours


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