The Elaborate Smokescreen?

In a follow up to my previous conciliatory blog posting which subsequently met with a great backlash from both Kay Wilson and her supporters. I now have a theme repeated over and over again which I heard personally from Kay Wilson herself in PM and now publically from one of her supporters. The theme goes something on the lines of:

I hope you’re thanking HaShem that you’ve never had to go through what Kay went through, or what some pathetic little people are insisting on putting her through now……may you never have your soul fractured and your innocence robbed[like she had].

Saying now what has to be said, does not in any way undermine the awfulness of Kay’s experience at the hands of murderous terrorists. However, the theme when possibly used as a smokescreen and an emotional blackmail to stifle or divert any discussion is not right. The possible implied threat of emotional blackmail to stifle or divert any discussion caused me to reply sarcastically on a thread that Kay’s suffering is the only suffering which is valid. I like anyone else have had their own fair share of suffering but an attempt to silence based on your suffering will never be as great as mine is kind of like going into the absurdity of Monty Pythons “The Yorkshire mans Sketch”. Equally absurd in a discussion is to insist that any and/ or all information is wrong in an article or a post because “they spelled my name wrong” or they “claimed I was a lesbian and I killed my friend that day because we had a lovers tiff” etc……. but I digress.

The Issue at Hand

The issue at hand was my shock in a recent post concerning Kay Wilson: “Jewish terror victim (Kay Wilson) hid Arab Zionistdelicate flower 2 teen during Gaza war”. Apparently Kay Wilson, survivor of a terror attack, opened her home to Nazareth native Mohammad Zoabi, who later fled to US for his pro-Israel views.  The shock to my system was the description of Kay Wilson as:

A Messianic Israeli, who played dead and escaped the same deadly fate her American-Christian travelling companion met at the hands of Palestinian Authority terrorists, wrote on her Facebook page Saturday that she recently protected  “Muslim Zionist” teenager Mohammed Zoabi from Arabs who wanted to murder him. (

Kay a Messianic Jew and/ or a Christian according to some Christian/ Messianic links[1]?

Some may argue “so what, what can be so dangerous about a missionary trying to convert a Jew to one of the many brands of Christianity here in Israel or anywhere else in the world for that matter?” The danger has is in actual fact two sides, a spiritual side and a physical side demonstrated to us as a people as Chanukah and Purim respectively.

“Chanukah celebrates heavenly rescue from a threat of spiritual genocide. The Hellenist Greeks were interested in forcing assimilation upon the Jewish People, not physically destroying them. Since the threat was a spiritual one, the celebration of our deliverance is a spiritual one of lights and prayers of praise.

Purim recalls the threat of Haman’s “final solution to the Jewish problem.” Haman was determined to annihilate every Jew, “young and old, children and women in one day.” He would not have abandoned his plan even if the Jews had all abandoned their faith in Hashem. Since it was the physical body of the Jewish People which was saved from destruction, it is incumbent on the survivors and their heirs throughout the generations to celebrate with their bodies by eating, drinking and sharing such indulgence with others[2]” (Rabbi mendel Weinbach).

Missionaries and their Greek mindset claim to be Hebraic [because Jesus was Jewish after all] and the outcome of 2000 years in the development of Christian theology has seen the Nazis put protestant Martin Luther’s suggestions into practice. Not to mention the crusades, inquisitions, blood libels etc.. The same heady cocktail of the spiritual and physical is still lethal as it ever was even if its appearance changes over time. Make no mistake the heady cocktail is included in G-d’s way of reminding us that we Jews are “a people dwelling alone, and not counting itself among the nations!” Num 23:9

Kay Wilson the Christian?

Shoresh Tours

“All Shoresh staff members are committed disciples of Jesus. For Shoresh bringing you on a study tour isn’t just a job, it’s a ministry” ( stated @ 3:36-3:40 minutes.

The above video for Shoresh was Published on Jan 12, 2013, was it made before Kay’s encounter with the terrorists or after? Either way according to the video: All Shoresh staff members are committed disciples of Jesus. What are we to say about this? Soresh is lying about the credentials of one of its staff members to its customers or Kay Wilson is lying to her employer and her tour guide attendees?

In the context of questions for what appears to be a whole lot of evidence to indicate that she may be a Christian and/ or messianic, Kay Wilson has not apparently tried to correct the classification of herself online with nearly as much vigor as those who she perceives to be presently vilifying her. In the possible use of her encounter with terrorists as a useful smokescreen Kay Wilson says:

I am not a Christian because nothing in me wanted to go to heaven. I wanted to live. I am not able to forgive the sons of evil who have shown neither remorse or restitution…. I am not a Messianic Jew because certainties pertaining to the lofty matters of salvation and the World to Come, for me – at least – are unknown and remain a matter of mystery. I envy those who have an inner assurance of the things I myself did not experience at the moment of death. I deplore the hate speech emerging from some elements of this community towards those who think differently.

Ignoring that someone is may be still lying or has lied, are we to assume that Kay Wilson is may be now at the very least an agnostic or even worse for the Jewish people, she hides her Christian and/ or messianic identity and in the circles she presently moves in ‘representing’ Israel and Jews she secretly plots the physical and spiritual genocide of the Jewish people?

To point out the possibility that the wicked who plots the physical and spiritual genocide of the Jewish people is wrong and vilifying?

This notion, that displaying an attitude of mercy towards the wicked who deserve severe punishment involves acting cruelly towards the general public, can be found in the words of Maimonides in his book The Guide of the Perplexed[3]. In reference to the verse (Exodus 21:14), “If a person willfully schemes to kill his neighbor – he shall be (even) taken from my altar and put to death”, Maimonides writes that:

“the wicked and calculating person (who killed intentionally and was sentenced to death) – if he seeks sanctuary among us, we must not provide him with asylum and not have mercy upon him…because compassion towards the wicked – is cruelty to all beings.”

Do we now see a possible comparison between the world’s compassion towards terrorists being a cruelty to all beings and those who stay silent/ provide sanctuary to those Jews/ Christians who covertly missionize bringing cruelty thereby to the Jewish people? Are we prepared to speak up about it and upset the cash cow of supporting and loving Israel?

Well do we?


[1] 1. A ‘messianic Jew’ according to the Anglicans. ( 2. Chosen People Ministries [a messianic Jewish organization] has a variant of Kay’s name as Susan Kaye Wilson and her friend Kristine Luken, who are “both strong believers in Jesus who served with local ministries, were hiking in the Judean Hills when they were attacked by two Palestinian men.” 3. The Messianic Times has her billed as a “Messianic Jewish tour guide and survivor of a murder attempt in Jerusalem,”


[3] Part 3, Chapter 39. See also Me’am Loez Anthology on Exodus, 21:14.


4 thoughts on “The Elaborate Smokescreen?

  1. I have met Kay personally, and had a deep conversation with her about Jewish life, values, Torah, etc. Here is what I think. If I am wrong about Kay being a Jew, and you are right, I have been duped. But if I am right, and you are wrong? Then you have been continuing to spread loshen hora, which would have an impact on not only Kay’s life but could on all those currently supporting her. You would be committing libel and could potentially be sued. You would have broken a commandment- you shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. You would need to ask for forgiveness from Kay. Your actions would be judged by Hashem.

    If you are speaking malicious untruths, I hope they are uncovered and you will retract your statements.


  2. You know, Kay speaks for One Family Together. I don’t know if you know them, but they are a religious Jewish organisation helping victims of Palestinian terrorism. If this article is slander, you really will impact an entire community, because donors may become quite afraid to show their support for One Family Together if a missionary is affiliated with them. She also is an excellent spokesperson for Stand With Us, and combats anti-Israel sentiment on campuses. Can you imagine their reaction if they believed your story and it turned out not to be true? We could lose a staunch advocate for Israel. There could be quite a ripple effect with organization(s).


  3. Menashe, instead of wasting your time maligning a victim of terror who happens to be a non-observant Jew with many Christian friends – many Jews have Christian friends, that doesn’t make them messianic or missionaries, spend your energy going after people who pose a real threat to Judaism. Even if she were messianic, she doesn’t deserve this loshon hara or motzei shem ra (because its not true). But, just FYI, its not true and making her life miserable doesn’t accomplish anything of value.


  4. You are indeed correct that it all accomplishes nothing of any of value well at least for likes of those in the Pews, AKA the customers of religion. Already as I type here, my comments and others made on various blogs featuring Kay’s articles have been removed. The Kiruv bu$$ine$$’ and the me$$ianic bu$$ine$$’ are not happy and are now feverishly doing there best to make it all go away etc.. Kay will be perfectly fine do not worry……..well not for now at least……..but when the cruelty comes, who will listen to you?


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