They are at it again

piccy meWell they are at it again; here I was thinking that the dirty tricks showcase[1] of my blog which highlights the not so nice parts of missionary activity, was in need of an update and hay presto here it is: a hastily newly constructed WordsPress blog[2] as of 27 December 2014. Now just exactly who ‘they’ are I do not know but I have my suspicions. Of course if you have a point to make and folks do not like it then this type of backlash is fairly par for the course, it goes with the territory I am afraid.

In contradistinction unlike other anonymous folks who have similarly attempted to malign me anonymously, my gender, name and surname are exactly as they appear on my teudat zehut (ID card), Israeli passport, Face book page and my blog.

The intention of my blog, inter alia, is in response to the many missionaries from various brands of Christianity, including soIsaiah 53 part 1   Menashe s Blog called “Messianic Judaism’ who over the years on Facebook have seen my Facebook page as a prime target for their evangelistic endeavors[3].

Plainly speaking, my position as to my beliefs are clearly and plainly stated, shown on my blog[4], numerous face book postings and have not mysteriously appeared just in the last 24 hours like the hastily newly constructed WordsPress blog[2].

In general, the convert if they are to survive in the Jewish world has by default to establish very clear boundaries between their former life and the life they are now living. The question is how much more could I have said, other than what has always been written on my blog page. It is a sad reality that despite the best efforts of some converts they become estranged from their families and friends. On the other hand some do successfully maintain and establish new bonds of love and respect between their families, friends and of course with new family and friends from the Jewish community they have joined.

There are of course a number of inaccuracies with the hastily constructed and ill informed blog, which I now wish to point out below, one day after its posting. Points in general include:

  1. Any former lover of Jesus does not remain labeled as such or continues to allow themselves to be labeled as such. Worst of all is that in the case of Kay Wilson, she or the people at Shoresh Tours have continued to lie about her being a Christian, since Soresh Tours still feature Kay Wilson in their promotional video as one of their tour guides who are [in their own words] committed disciple of Jesus. Did Kay Wilson lie in order to secure employment with Shoresh Tours or did Shoresh Tours lie and continues to lie about Kay Wilson’s status to its customers? More recent billings of Kay Wilson as a messianic/ believer and/ or disciple of Jesus still remain extant whilst some are presently being removed.
  2. The issue of Jews having family and friends who are Christian is a totally different matter. There is no ambiguity in any of the statuses of both myself and the likes of missionaries like Christine Darg and Mark van Niekirk for example. Christine Darg is still my friend on Facebook whereas Mark van Niekirk is not. The exchange of public comments on threads in Facebook and my blog clearly show where we all stand. Non of us are claiming to be something that we are not.

In the case of the hastily constructed and ill informed blog, the best person to respond is the person who knows Menashe himself. The last time I checked with him:

  1. He was born and raised as an Anglican, so just how he got named after John T Walsh [Adventist] is a bit of a mystery. The last time Menashe checked with his parents they were still Anglican and his grandparents were a mixed bag of two Anglicans, one Methodist and one Roman Catholic.
  2. He also remains happily married for 23 years to the same woman despite rumors to the contrary and efforts by some on Facebook to add him to groups like Israeli divorced singles etc… I mean really the lengths to which people go to sometimes!
  3. The Manchester Beis Din did not do a conversion of Menashe Walsh. In fact Manchester Beis Din does not do any conversions; they leave this up to the Beis Din in London. Manchester only acts in a supervisory role for folks going through conversion who are living in the Jewish community located around the Bury, Salford and Manchester boundaries.
  4. My family and I have been living in Israel close to 10 years now. Aliyah is a risky venture even for those who have extensive extended family support here in Israel. Our story is no less remarkable than any other Jews who make Aliyah. We are also fortunate unlike some converts in maintaining our close familial ties and associations.

I do not have to say anymore than what I have said above. But if some anonymous folks think that I will be silenced by fear of ‘exposure’ as a ‘convert’ then they are barking up the wrong tree. It’s very important to say that the ill informed and ignorant content comes from those who are against my reasoned responses to missionary activity and their attendant theology. I make no apology if this upsets those who are ambigiously blended into the ‘profe$$ional’ educational cash cow of both sides of Jewish/ Christian divide and should know better.




[3] I have more than one FB page, my original FB page I keep for my close family and friends who do not necessarily want to be involved in the antics of missionaries etc.. Even so this has not detered the malignant use of my family photos as can be seen in the examples above [1].

[4] Menashe is not a believer in Jesus/ Yeshua (or any name combinations) in any way whatsoever. Menashe is an Orthodox Jew who has a knowledge of Christian theology by virtue of the study of comparative religions. The aim of this blog is to address and provide a reasoned response to those who consider me and my people fair targets for conversion to some form/ brand of Christianity, of which there are many. This blog is not to make you become Jewish either since Judaism advocates the 7 laws of Noah as the path for the gentile.

2 thoughts on “They are at it again

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    • Perhaps you could possibly dispel the controversy of your ambigious nature ‘Gev’ of RPP. Since it is not known if you are male or female can you dispel current roumours that you are transgender or perhaps hermaphrodite? If this is a bit sensitive for you you could at leat use your real name and furnish other details about yourself? Or are you going to hide behind your real devious hypocricy?


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