Theresa May is now Jewish!!

Jes uis brit

My story begins around 11 years ago in my professional capacity as a senior lecturer in Electronic engineering at a college in a town made famous by The Beatles waxing lyrical about its potholes. As a visibly Jewish guy I suddenly became embroiled in the fallout of the 2nd Intifada and the results of the town being a major Muslim theological center of the United Kingdom. I remember the first incident vividly when I found a poster on the window of my classroom expressing death to the Jews/ Israel and praising the virtues of Hamas. From there on I was subjected to a two year period of daily verbal abuse from crowds of Muslim youths which ended around the time as I was forced to leave my job with threats of physical violence to myself.

Each day of those 2 years began when I got off the train when I had to run the gauntlet of threats and abuse as I walked through the town center to get to the college. The threats and abuse were also when I walked back to the train station to go home, if I decided to go into town for my lunch and when I walked on campus between one college building and another. A tactic I used to try to avoid such abuse was to travel between one college building and another a few minutes after official break-time between classes.

During those 2 years everybody including the students and the teachers knew of my daily plight but never said anything or did anything. It was only when things started to go wrong as a result of my illness with stress and anxiety and subsequent return to work that the college decided to do something about it. What they did was to discipline me for starting classes 5 minutes too late, my explanation for lateness they refused to consider[I started late to avoid the abuse]. Then out of the blue I was frog marched out of my office to the principal where I was informed that I was suspended from college. No reason was ever given for my suspension from College and because there was no reason I returned to my job. However, I was not allowed to teach for a number of months. After this time the College became jittery as I once again resumed my teaching responsibilities and was provided with security guards to escort me from class to class. I still had to run the gauntlet to and from the train station, however. At a meeting in college the police offered a community radio to myself which I indicated I was more than happy to receive and use. However, somewhere in the corridors of power of the College it was decided that me having a police radio was not a good idea. No doubt here is yet another example of the the Police and the College doing their bit for “community cohesion” and the promotion of “respect” blah blah……….blah!

In view of my own experience of hatred by Muslims and now that hatred extending itself to Anglos, I can say in these words I told you so long long ago you Anglophiles. Instead you decided to do nothing, took the easy route and hounded me from my job. If anything, your display Theresa May of solidarity is that you now feel and experience the hatred close to home because you are an infidel! The stautus quo of as long as its only Jews getting ‘it’ then there is nothing to worry about is changed. Just to be clear:

  • Islamophobia is the possibility of post-Islamic terror incident violence against Muslims by non-Moslems!
  • Anti-semitism is violence against Jews by Muslims and non Muslims for no reason other than Jews are Jews, i.e. Anti-semitism.

Theresa May..Je Suis Juif?… camel, sheep? Nope its definitely bullshit!


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