Perversion, Abomination and the Grotesque 101

The same things just come up again and again!!

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grossSometimes the boundaries of the ridiculous, grotesque and darn right offensive are captured most succinctly by a group that it does the work of those opposed to the group most successfully!  By so doing, the group shows the true light of their misguided agendas most effectively. But to be fair to Michael Rood, at least he has the courage to take the NT & NT theology to its logical conclusion(s). Well at least in an arena where the Roman Catholic Church/ Eastern Orthodox Churches are king. Take for example the group spectacle of the picture above alongside the more traditional abomination, courtesy of Michael Rood and a Rood Awakening’s Mission:

To awaken and deliver people from the perverted traditions of man-made religion so that they can live in loving obedience to the Torah and learn to walk with the Messiah in the power of the HolySpirit.

The picture shows…

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