Let the Foreigner Come?

Its a sizzler! Can you handle it?

Menashe's Blog

by Menashe Walsh

A recent 2 part post entitled “Let the Foreigner Come” by Yisrael Medad toys with a guilt complex that some Jews feel with regards to Evangelical and / ormedad Messianic believers of Jesus and Yeshua respectively loving and blessing Israel. In particular, the guilt complex is driven in part by the actions of a pro-Israel/ Zionism group called HaYovel who help Jewish farmers in the growing and harvesting of grapes in Judea and Samaria. The guilt complex developed with an idea that somehow we Jews are not being grateful, accepting and in fact we are quite the opposite; we go out of our way to make things as tough as possible for those of the pro-Israel/ Zionism who are just loving and blessing Israel.

In their own words via their mission statement of HaYovel:

Our mission is to take an active role in, and educate people about…

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