Voice of Jews by Choice

There is a secret page on Face Book which I was invited to be a member of. I was wary of joining, having been burned in the past and for a while I was getting into it. The secret page is called “voice of jews by choice”. However, there is not much choice as far as expressing your opinion goes, especially when run by a cabal of luvees who use popularity as the criteria for being in the club. The type of club which says “my pain/ reputation/ story is bigger than anyones so I can do whatever I want and you have no right to spoil it” etc.. Is there nothing sacred for the convert, perhaps a place where they can feel a part of?


If you only knew Mr. Born Jew!

Voice of Jews by choice is supposed to be for converts so its kind of strange when folks get thrown out in favour of someone who is not a convert. Then of course the good old favorite if anyone complains; the loshon harah card and of course pre-emptively warning that if you go public, the loshon hara machine will be set in motion against you.

CowThe cabal is known as the professional kiruv circuit [coming to a town near you], who will do all it takes to protect their interest in the cash cow. The cash cow is a business venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the outlay of cash required to acquire it, start it and maintain it.

Part of doing all it takes to protect the cash cow involves supporting lies and that well-known principle of the ends justifies the means. So prolific are the efforts of the cabal that they have no compunction in smearing you all over social media.


Popular Penina the wannabe convert.

What they the cabal do of course is not loshon hara. Of course if they new what is loshon harah they would not be relaying alleged loshon harah to somebody who is not part of the group. Well apparently not.

How far do they go? Even to the point of going about like Jehovah Witness’ telling folks in places like the hairdressers of how they have been vigorously vilified by the enemies of the cash cow. The feedback of the efforts of the cabal ‘in the smal world of Judaism’ is such that folks in the street, your neighbours, folks in synagogue, question how you could dare to ruin the reputations of the members of the cabal.

Worst of all is the gaul of the cabal who are so full of themslves that they demand you to apologise for ever having the gaul to even make an inquiry to them about information about them online! So scared are they with their trail of deceit they are blinded to any kind conciliatory approach to them.

I am tired of the nonsense, I am tired that they think they are getting away with it and I am tired of being shut up by a professional kiruv worker who supports a not so secret christian.

Like the builders of babel, the cabal only care for the sytem, the building NOT people…….just the cash cow!

“Players only love you when they’re playing”.

3  Voice of Jews by Choice


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