When ‘Rabbis’ make you sick

At 17 minutes into this lecture, a rabbi speaks about how converts cannot be a soulmate for a Jewish person because converts had a non-Jewish soul. Please share this widely, and I encourage you to write the shul this rabbi works for to share how offensive and harmful these comments are. You can contact Torah Ohr at 323-933-3111 or eTorahOhr@gmail.com.

He goes on to say:

But don’t worry, converts are loved and accepted and not discriminated against and valuable members of our community. You can even marry one if you’re not a Kohen, but don’t delude yourself into thinking the convert is your soulmate.

His use of pronouns (which have been explicitly gender inclusive up to that point), show that he only views converts as women. He then goes on to call women converts sloppy seconds for ‘real’ Jews after their “true” soulmate dies or they otherwise unsuitable for normal Jews [mamzerim]. Who are converts supposed to marry? G-d has a pool of leftovers for you, like widowers, divorcees, mamzers and people who are too picky.

Shame on you so called Rabbi.


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