Article: Numbers vs. Truth

Something to mull over!!

Daily Minyan

worshipping-jcBy Moshe Ben-Chaim

In the world of philosophy, the truth is eternal: what was true, will always be true. This is because reality is determined by G-d, Who knows all events that have happened, and will come to be. G-d’s truth is not subject to variation. No “new “ considerations come before G-d, the Knower of all times. Even as our times change, G-d’s knowledge has already seen the end of time, and nonetheless, He formulated a Torah with precise rules and laws. Hence, there can be only one truth that G-d possesses, and one truth, which He handed to mankind. We have discussed this many times: Revelation at Sinai was the only event in all of history where masses witnessed G-d’s revelation. No other religion makes this claim, and just the opposite is true: other religions incorporate our Torah – a testament to our Torah’s absolute truth. (But we…

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