Messianic friend: “Belief in Yeshua is 100% experiential”

It is not just me saying it, here in their own words. More examples by clicking here.

Daily Minyan

worship-jesusBelow is the recent response from my long-time messianic friend (ethnic Jew, involved in the MJ movement, intermarried, with his non-Jewish children married to Gentile Christian pastors and heavily involved in Evangelical ministries) to being challenged to think about his ongoing sin of idolatry of Jesus-worship. This is the same friend who told me over our dinner-meeting late last year (which he mentions below): “I don’t care what the Bible says, Jesus revealed himself to me.” The theme of his response is that all true believers know that Jesus is true because they feel his presence, and not because he can be proven or shown from the Jewish scriptures (or even from the New Testament) to be either god, messiah or both. To my Christian, ethnically Jewish friend his god Jesus can only be felt and experienced on a personal basis, supernaturally – the proof of Jesus comes from “inner…

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