Christian event in Jerusalem? Only if Rabbis approve.

Moshe Heller

Published:  06.25.15, 23:28 / Israel Jewish Scene

Jerusalem Municipality gives in to haredi uproar following major Christian conference held at city’s multi-purpose sports arena last month for allowing Christian organizations to hold a major conference at the venue last month. The event was eventually held as planned despite the haredi outcry, but the Municipality decided to give in to the haredi demand concerning any future events.

Thousands of Christians from around the world participated in last month’s conference at the new sports arena despite the haredi protest, which defined the event as a “major show of forced conversion.”

No Christian events without rabbis' approval (Photo: Shutterstock)

No Christian events without rabbis’ approval (Photo: Shutterstock)

The haredi media asserted that the event was aimed at convincing Jews to join Christianity with the help of missionaries who had arrived in Israel for that very purpose. The city’s rabbis also intervened and asked the Municipality to call off the event, but their demand was rejected due to legal issues.

Following the protest, the haredi representatives in the Jerusalem Municipality reached an agreement with Mayor Nir Barkat that in future events, the city’s rabbis and legal advisors will be consulted before the permits are issued.

The Jerusalem Municipality offered the following response: “It has been decided that in future events, in case concerns are raised about illegal missionary activity, Jerusalem’s chief rabbis and the Municipality’s legal advisors will be consulted.”


One thought on “Christian event in Jerusalem? Only if Rabbis approve.

  1. As someone who use to be on that side, please don’t let this turn ungly, we all need emuna and face it with joy and that Hashem will do his will. As Jews stay true to Torah and the ways to Hashem. Truth will been seen.


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