A New/ Old/ Oft Repeated Milestone

Will this shut up the messianic / christian missionaries………….sadly not but its a wonderful testimony>

The dynamic duo have reached the epic journey through 365 Messianic Prophecies! The original list of the 365 Messianic Prophecies as per Carmen Welker with a tongue in cheek comment by Amos Wittenburg:

A great series! We owe a debt of gratitude to @Carmen Welker of therefinersfire.org for compiling this compelling and compulsive concoction, together with her husband, Bill. Where would we be without her list that shows so clearly the rock solid foundations of her authentic Netzari neo-religion? One of the most knowledgeable modern rabbis, the orthodox scholar Rabbi Michael Skobac, could not find one single fault in this long list of crystal-clear incontrovertible prophecies, unambiguously fulfilled to the tiniest detail by Jesus of Nazareth. Every Christian and Messianic Believer MUST watch EVERY EPISODE of this series and hear with their own ears how time and again the rabbis have to admit that the New Testament is vindicated in every detail.

Another comment by Ken Lane:

Kudos to you guys for taking the “bull” by the horns.

You can visit http://www.Truth2U.org/ here to download or listen to individual shows. http://www.truth2u.org/?s=365 or watch the whole series on a playlist here- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYYGM0yNsAb3Tuq97cXPqzjVhWeQhepXc

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