Falsifying The Facts

JH and etan copyNot happy with having a go at bashing the oversized John Hagee for a slice of the mi$$ionary pie, the two ballerina clowns of One for Israel Ministry have once again produced yet another false video to slander Rabbi Mizrachi.

The One for Israel Ministry video relies on folks not knowing Hebrew and dishonestly splices together two disparate sections of a Rabbi Mizrachi video. Then the One for Israel Ministry video superimposes the two ballerina clowns onto the bottom right hand corner to create the false and vain idea that Rabbi Mizrachi is talking about them.


Of course in the true spirit of grabbing a slice of the mi$$ionary pie, appeals are made at the end of the video for folks prayers and donations to help them in this terrible situation of a death threat to them by Rabbi Mizrachi.

One for Israel ministry basically take what Rabbi Mizrachi says in his video at 21.09- 21.20 and bolt it onto something else he says later on in the video. The discussion in the video is about the punishment of idolators and Sabbath breakers according to Jewish law. Of course such penalties are not capable of being implimented presently.

The above approach by One for Israel Ministries is a popular tactic often used by the left wing liberal media and messianic missionaries to re-cast halachic works as incitement to hatred of others/ themselves in order to garner support for their agenda. An example in point being the King’s Torah book.

What a couple of desperate losers!!



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