Business is Business, Right?

Me and Stu

Me and Stu

There is a popular term often used as a catchall phrase to justify the most strangest of actions. ‘Business is Business” is to convey the meaning that the purpose of business is to make a profit, and that other things, such as personal feelings and other inconsistencies, must not be allowed to prevent the making of the profit.

With respect to the Messianic Judaism business model, inconsistencies in theology are similarly ignored for the sake of the mission and its ongoing agenda. The ongoing agenda is of course to convert Jews to Jesus.

In a very slick donor donation video presentation by the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI), we have a gambit proposed with all the familiar characters including Dr. Stuart Daurmann, in the context of academic achievement. No doubt addressing the problem of mixed marriages[Stuart’s pet subject], students a la MJTI studies may be able to use impressive academic terms such as “an anticipatory or proleptic position”, “a post-supersessionist position” or a “post cryptosupersessionist position”, to help them in their evangelistic efforts with their Jewish in-laws. Yep I think you are onto a winner with this one Stuart! The bottom line in the donor video presentation is that the Jewish community at large and real Rabbis in particular are going to be so impressed that they will jump over to the ‘truth’ of Jesus/ Yeshua!!

the ceremony

Graduates of MJTI

The gambit of the donor video then maneuvers from the idea of ‘educated’ evangelists in Jewish matters providing that vital link of acceptability to providing video support from another familiar face emerging onto the messianic scene. The familiar face is Diane Cohen who is now a MJTI board member and was one of the first people to be interviewed by Stuart Daurmann in one of his radio shows.

Diane Cohen board member

The fly in the ointment of course is that Diane Cohen has appeared in a video for One for Israel Ministries. One for Israel Ministries is probably one of the most aggressive messianic endeavors which is complete with angry attacks on rabbinic tradition, lies about the content and purpose of Talmudic passages, and open invitations for Jews to convert to Christianity—all of it in fluent, eloquent Hebrew, delivered by two clean-cut, bona fide Israeli salesmen.

A top video of One for Israel is titled “The Oral Torah — the Big Lie.” Its content is a familiar accumulation of arguments against rabbinic law which began as far back as the pre-destruction split between the Sadducees and the Pharisees, continued with the Karaaites of the 7th century, was picked up by Spinoza in the 17th century and reached its full blossom with the Reform movement in Germany in the 1820s. The effect, however, coming from extremely manipulative speakers, and directed at an Israeli audience with limited knowledge of their own traditions, is yet to be seen.

Diane Cohen is not the only fly in the ointment for Stuart Daurmann who has in the past addressed an article published in a popular Christian venue, in which the author Ron Cantor, a Messianic leader in Israel, proceeded to discount the validity of the Jewish claim of a divinely authoritative Oral Law. Stuart says this kind of literature is grievous and damaging to the cause of representing a credible Yeshua-faith to ‘our fellow Jews’. Stuart then closes with a request to Ron and others in the me$$ianic business. The request is to a principle known as “pikuach nefesh” which states that short of idolatry, murder, and adultery, one may do anything to save a life, including breaking any of the mitzvot. As an example Stuart cites Rahab the Harlot who lied to the representatives of the King of Jericho when he came looking for the Jewish spies. Saving lives was more important than “telling the truth”. Stuart argues that for the sake of saving Jewish lives, of commending ‘our Messiah’ to ‘our people’, Stuart encourages Ron and the others in the messianic believers’ movement to become followers of Rahab: and lie. Tell people that the Oral Torah and the religious legacy of ‘our people (Jews)’ are honorable, beautiful and holy, even if that is not your view.

2 Nahum Sokolov Street/ Keren Hayesod Street Jerusalem

The not so secret location Of the MJTI on 2 Nahum Sokolov Street/ Keren Hayesod Street Jerusalem

Well not really, is it Stuart? In his article “On Keeping Your Mouth Shut and Saving a Life” seems to have some rather hard dynamics to understand when actually discussing the religious legacy of ‘our people’! Not even when it comes to things which are not even Oral Law but instead just plain biblical (see how Nehemiah sorts out the intermarriage problem in Neh 13:23-28 and Ezra 9:1-2 which also validates Oral Torah too BTW, Jewish status is established through the mother and not the father or via a halachic conversion). Hiding in the smokescreen of “matters of interpretation” will not avail you much in your agenda ‘rabbi’ Jews for Jesus Dauermann because even the ‘older’ Jewish scriptures prove you to be wrong. Intermarriage is not an example of obeying Torah it is in actual fact a violation of it.

The bottom line, no matter how Messianic Jews try to ‘spin it’ in the present with various new tricks, we can at least appreciate Ron Cantor’s candor and an increasing band of others in their rejection of Oral and Written Law and see that in fact Stuart Daurmann’s claim that the Oral Torah and the religious legacy of ‘our people’ is honorable, beautiful and holy is absolute hogwash!! Not only hogwash but morally questionable in view of his possible ‘illegal’ misappropriation of “pikuach nefesh” but then again ‘they’ are saving those Jewish lives are they not with that evangelical paradigm, so that must make it OK?

And after all Business is Business and there is no business like the Me$$ianic Bu$$ine$$.


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