If France Was Israel, The World Would Respond Like This

By Baruch Gordon

11/16/2015, 8:11 PM

This just in:
The United Nations is calling on France to please SHOW RESTRAINT.
There are way more casualties on the ISIS side than the French people who died.
The UN is having emergency meetings to call for SANCTIONS against France for responding way out of proportion and escalating the violence. ISIS never used planes or bombs! This cannot be overlooked. The world is watching carefully.

France’s disproportionate response is escalating the violence to an all new level and is responsible for upsetting the entire Muslim world causing many of them to reconsider their long standing commitment to peace and tolerance of the infidels.

France is only allowed to send a maximum of EIGHT SUICIDE BOMBERS into ISIS.

We beseech the French people to please immediately stop escalating the violence against ISIS and the innocent women and children whose lives are being disrupted, and to only target the individual soldiers who actually perpetrated the terrorist activities in France.

The UN spokesman said: “The world will not tolerate the French response of “collective punishment” which hurt many innocent lives who were no where near Paris during the attacks!”

Furthermore, we urge the world to understand that if ISIS had their own country, then they would never need to resort to this kind of violence which goes against their nature.

The UN also came out with a proclamation that in no way should this attack cause the world to look negatively at the many members of ISIS who are peaceful. Certainly this has nothing to do with the other Arabs and Muslims who believe in peace and love for all mankind.

Harvard University released a statement: “The calls throughout the Arab Muslim world of “death to all infidels” need to be taken with a grain of salt. The celebrations in the Arab streets when innocent infidels are murdered only come from the frustration they have from never being given a fair chance by the infidels to join in the success of the rest of the world. Besides, the real cause for the attacks is obviously Israel. If Israel would just end the occupation of Palestine and give their land to the Palestinians, none of this would have ever happened.”

The UN demands that France immediately comes to the negotiating table to work out their differences and find a peaceful settlement!

This just in:

ISIS is willing to end the cycle of violence and make peace with France if France only gives them HALF OF PARIS!

The United States is sending Mr. Kerry to meet with representatives of BOTH SIDES and urges France to show restraint until the final peaceful resolution of dividing Paris is signed by both sides. He feels cautiously optimistic that France can have the peace it deserves, by finally showing restraint and ending the cycle of violence and committing to working together with ISIS on a peaceful resolution that will finally end the French policies that have caused ISIS so much pain.

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