Its not what it Seems to be

I have to admit I am a bit naive, too trusting perhaps and every now and then I have to catch myself to a reality which I have chosen. But have I really chosen this reality? Perhaps may be its just an illusion of reality which sometimes can be very convincing at times…. and just like everyone else we tend to get a bit caught up with it all.

Take for example the good old Protestant work ethic. The Protestant work ethic is a concept in theology, sociology, economics and history which emphasizes that hard work and frugality are a result of a person’s salvation in the Protestant faith, particularly in Calvinism, in contrast to the focus upon religious attendance, confession, and ceremonial sacrament in the Catholic tradition.

In the western world even Jews are often sub-consciously caught up with the dissonance between the Protestant work ethic and the sacraments of the Catholic tradition. A true story I heard of one time was in Northern Ireland where some Jehovah Witnesses were doing some door to door missionary work. One door they knocked happened to belong to that of a Jewish man to which after a period of discussion, the question was posed by the missionaries:” So what kind of Jew are you? Protestant or Catholic?”… the mind boggles!!

So how much of what we are told, brought up with and recently experienced really true?

You see I have straddled and experienced both the Jewish and the non-Jewish worlds. I am now writing at a low period in my life. The low period is telling me that most of what I have been led to believe is not ringing true at the moment!!

Now I am in the Jewish world and particular here in Israel itself where we have the third intifada. The third intifada is not just daily stabbings, car rammings and shootings by the religion of peace but also includes the hideous holocaust of love in the form of Christian missionaries and various other cults also endeavoring to exploit the situation here at the moment! To try and gain some level of sanity and to vent my concerns of what is going on here I placed a challenge online:

VestNow I must say that during this third intifada I was inspired to put out the challenge (see picture on the left). Well of course nothing happened I was not bombarded by any of the ‘official’ organs of Christian groups wanting to actually bless and support Israel.

Instead I discovered that in facebook we have a secondary inbox for folks to send messages to you who are not your friends on facebook! Lo and behold in that secondary inbox was an offer from a Doctor in the USA who wanted to buy me that vest. The Doctor did not advertise themselves as a ‘Christian’,  in fact I do not know what denomination they were! Never the less we both went out on a limb and the good Doctor paid for a vest for me!! Sounds good does it not? Finally my faith in humanity is restored.

So here we have an example of just ordinary everyday folk just trying to do their bit to do good to make a real difference. These ordinary everyday folks who almost always silently provide the stark contrast to the so called ‘good’ of what amounts to the bullshit of so called ‘organized religions’, ‘aid programs’, ‘charitable agencies’, ‘organized democratic governments’……..etc.

So now its just a matter of waiting for the vest to arrive…… simple right?

Meanwhile the same level of daily stabbings continue. My family and IAnglo List-the door have a rule, we only go out when necessary. Life for myself is not too dissimilar to most folks who fall into the category of the ‘working’ poor. The working poor are in stark contrast to the ‘working’ rich who despite the present intense situation here in Israel at the moment can only fret about a fancy door and what to call it (see picture right). In fact one of the so called benefits of being part of either group allows one to see what crony capitalism is all about. Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, or other forms of state interventionism.

My benefit came in the form of a phone call from Israeli customs saying that I needed to pay tax on the vest. Now do not get me wrong on this point, I understand that tax has to be paid but when the tax works out to be over 50% of the purchase price, I said no thanks, I do not want it, please send the vest back.

I now begin to understand what crony capitalism is all about. However, it gets worse, FedEx now rings to say that to send back the vest to the UK it will cost an extra 100% of the purchase price, other wise for an extra charge added onto the 50% , making the cronies get 60% in total, I can have the vest delivered to my door. My door, in contrast to the fancy door of the more money than sense brigade, I only have to worry about that its strong enough to withstand the cruel elements that exist on the outside of my door. The cruel elements of the world outside now include so called official government agencies too. The specter of crony justice here in Israel in the present stabbing intifada is also making its mark……. apparently its now a crime to defend yourself too!:

Arrest Extended for Jews Who Chased Terrorist   Inside Israel   News   Arutz Sheva

I have to admit that we are tired, we work all week, pay into the system which does not pay out when we are ill [they say we earn too much money, we miss out by a few hundred shekels]. But still there is Shabbat is there not? Oh yes there is still Shabbat, when we can come out from behind our door and it still does not cost us, we can walk under a blue sky for free but not where the village fence is [we may get sniped at]…… but is it really free??

We are not alone, here is another classic crony for your delicatation and delight(?):

Meir Green   Our Rabbis  of blessed memory  instituted ketuba so...

I think we can see a pattern forming here!!


Breaking News

No doubt inspired by this blog, the ICEJ have just come up with a new initiative. I received an e-mail (12 December 2015) from them promoting their life saving in the protective vest department. It just so happens that the volunteer policeman was wearing an ICEJ vest and was apparently attacked whilst wearing it!! Amazing!! Supernatural!!…. Well not really when you think about it just on probability alone, missing is any kind of verification of events, the name of the ‘volunteer’ policeman which if it was investigated would  no doubt be a ‘christian’ connection to the ICEJ. Either way in light of the above, the challenge is still open to the ICEJ to supply Menashe with a vest. The vest I ordered is stuck in a warehouse somewhere in Israel:



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