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VestNo doubt inspired by this blog post, the ICEJ have just come up with a new initiative. I received an e-mail (12 December 2015) from them promoting their life saving in the protective vest department [verifyable?]. It just so happens that the volunteer policeman was wearing an ICEJ vest and was apparently attacked whilst wearing it!! Amazing!! Supernatural!!…. Well not really when you think about it just on probability alone, missing is any kind of verification of events, the name of the ‘volunteer’ policeman which if it was investigated would  no doubt be a ‘christian’ connection to the ICEJ. Either way in light of the above, the challenge is still open to the ICEJ to supply Menashe with a vest. The vest ordered by my good Doctor friend for me with no strings attached is stuck in a warehouse somewhere in Israel. For contrast:


Meanwhile the above photo opportunity of the ICEJ is used for the collection of funds as their advertising blurb maintains as usual:

By partnering with the ICEJ to protect the residents of Jerusalem, you can show the Israeli people that Christians are concerned about their safety. When Israel is in need, the ICEJ is among the first to help!

As my Grandad would say, believe it when I see it, no strings attached…. How about it ICEJ? The challenge is set for all to see;

ICEJ LIFE VEST SAVES ISRAELI POLICEMAN IN KNIFE...   International Christian Embassy Jerusalem  ICEJ

The Times of Israel reports:

The police volunteer suffered mild stabbing wounds to his shoulder and was treated by a medical team that arrived at the scene. He was later transferred to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in the city.

Yet the ICEJ e-mail boasts:

On Sunday, a volunteer in the Israeli police force was attacked by a terrorist who tried to stab him with a knife.The policeman was wearing one of the ICEJ-sponsored vests, which saved his life. “The vest protected me,” he told paramedics on the scene. As a result, they only needed to treat a wound in his hand.

Only a wound on the hand according to the volunteer policeman pictured with the ICEJ. The volunteer policeman of the Times of Israel blog was wearing a vest or not? The same volunteer policeman?  As told by the Times of Israel blog, the volunteer policeman was injured in the shoulder!!

I smell smoke!!
pants on fire


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