ICEJ director has an aggressive form of cancer

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In a recent post in the grapevine column of the Jerusalem post we have the following report:

BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and Sanctions advocates, who suffer from melanoma, are going to have a hard time deciding whether to continue the boycott of Israeli products or whether to accept treatment that includes the Israeli wonder drug Keytruda (pembrolizumab), which is among the new immunotherapy drugs that helps overcome the skin cancer.

Former US president Jimmy Carter, who announced in August that he was suffering from incurable cancer and seemed reconciled to his fate, announced on Sunday to fellow parishioners at the Maranatha Baptist Church and later through an official statement by the Carter Center that his most recent MRI brain scan had shown that there were no signs of the original cancer spots nor were there any new ones. Furthermore, the 91-year-old said that he would continue to receive regular three-week immunotherapy treatments.

Carter who had been diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma that only three or four years ago was fatal, with patients given only a few months to live, is now curable in approximately 30 percent of cases, and he can be counted among them. Carter said that he would continue to take Keytruda from which he has suffered no side effects. Keytruda bolsters the immune system and helps it identify and destroy tumor cells.

HOPEFULLY, THERE is an Israeli cancer drug that can do the same for Dr. Jürgen Bühler, the executive director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, who was diagnosed two months ago with an aggressive form of cancer, and his absence from the ICEJ’s traditional Hanukka-Christmas party was keenly felt.

He sent greetings via Rev. Juha Ketola, the international director of the Christian Embassy, who told guests that there is a prayer meeting at Bühler’s home every night and that he was convinced that the prayers for Bühler’s recovery would be heard and answered. The only question about his return to ICEJ activities is when, said Ketola.


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