“IDF VS CHRISTIANS”: Messianic Hananya Naftali sharing Jesus with Israeli Soldiers

IDF VS CHRISTIANS?  For the record, JewishIsrael did not come up with those rather antagonistic headlines.  The popular messianic publication “Israel Today” plastered those words over a screenshot of Christian Messianic Israeli YouTuber Hananya Naftali and his recent clip, “What’s like being Christian in the IDF “

Naftali’s videos enjoy something of a cult following among certain pro-Israel advocacy groups, but let’s see if the Jewish activists running the show continue to be Naftali’s groupies once it’s fully understood that the “Christian-Jewish” boy wonder is sharing jesus with the troops.

Hananya Naftali rationalizes that the Jewish aversion to jesus is due to the Holocaust and the Crusades.  Apparently it never crossed his mind that Jews recoil at the very thought of a god in the flesh.

Bible-believers and readers alike should consider something else (as should the IDF). There is something of an historic precedent that the God of Israel does not take kindly to those among His nation who adopt foreign worship. This could explain the discomfort felt by some of Naftali’s comrades who may find themselves tank-bound and in battle with a new testament in tow and with a messianic soldier who feels duty-bound to share jesus with his Jewish crew.

“Actually many soldiers come to me with questions about jesus and my faith, and that gives me opportunities to share the gospel with them.” —- Hananya Naftali 

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