Let me introduce you to EVIL


Published on February 29th, 2016 | by Diane Bederman


Mike Bickle, an Evangelical Christian and founder of International House of Prayer states that God sent Hitler to hunt Jews because we did not respond to the Fisherman-Jesus. Bickle preached that the Lord said “I am going to give all 20 million of “them” (them- he calls us “them”), give them the chance to respond to Jesus –the Fisherman-if they don’t respond to grace the Lord will raise up the hunters –and the most famous hunter is Hitler.”

He bases this despicable, disgusting comment on Jeremiah 16:16.

“Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.”

The sickness that allows a man of God to declare that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would send a man like Hitler to incinerate His people is beyond the pale. It is a perversion of the word of God. I understand he is trying to walk back that statement. He can’t. This wasn’t an off the cuff statement.It was in a planned speech. There is no forgiveness for this.

He uses the teaching of our greatest prophets to justify the murder of millions upon millions of our people and to predict further persecution of Jews who do not respond to the Fisherman. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy as he is attacking the Jews. And he does this while Christians are being crucified in the Middle East.

Bickle is part of a cabal of evildoers-people who proselytize to the Jews. People like Caleb Myers of Jerusalem Institute of Justice who defends the messianic movement in Israel, participating in conferences and promoting proselytizing and organizations like FIRM and ICEJ and KKCJ who have bought property in Israel in order to establish themselves and their congregations of Christians.

For centuries our people masqueraded as Christians to avoid death and now Christians, instead of caring for their brethren in the Middle East they are masquerading as Jews to kill Jews through conversion-with an arrogance that is breathtaking.

God must be weeping.

This man, Bickle, endorsed Ted Cruz a candidate for the Republican nomination for President Yet prior to the February primaries Ted Cruz spoke about the need to reconnect America to the Judeo/Christian ethic. Please note the word “Judeo” as in Jews. We, the Jewish people, gave the ethic to the world, to the Christians and this is how we are repaid in the 21st century. I suggest that Ted Cruz run from this endorsement. Not to placate the Jews, but to address this evil.

garbage 2What is the difference between the comments of Bickle and the leaders of Iran and ISIS who call for “Death to the Jews!” Bickle is calling for our death- the annihilation of the Jewish people through proselytizing. He is the persecutor. This evil man Bickle is encouraging messiancs in Israel to preach. He calls on Christians to act as intercessors – to pray for the conversion of the Jews.

The time has come for Israel to do her duty and protect Am Yisrael. Close down the organizations that proselytize in Israel. We are allowing the enemy to live amongst us while trying to destroy us. By allowing these people into the Jewish state we are committing suicide-by-democracy. They have the unmitigated gall to use our freedoms-the freedoms we, the Jewish people, introduced into the collective consciousness of the world, against us demanding the right to practice their religion which includes proselytizing. Israel as a democracy upholds freedom of religion. Practice your faith in your house of worship, in your homes. Keep it close in your hearts and do what the Jewish people do; respect others-as children of God and do not push your beliefs on others, not in the Jewish democratic State.

No religion must ever have the right to proselytize in Israel as the Jewish people do not proselytize.And anyone who does must be deported immediately. Any organization caught preaching must be shut down. This is not about the failure of the Jewish community to teach our people about our way of life. It is about teaching the non-Jewish world that we will not be pushed around, demeaned and denigrated, bullied and belittled and disrespected, especially in our own state-given to us by God.

I am a multi-faith chaplain and respect the religion of others. I would never consider pushing my beliefs on anyone. I have sat on interfaith committees. The time has come for all Jewish/Christian/ Muslim interfaith organizations to end until all accept our faith-Judaism and acknowledge us a priori, sui generis, as Jew qua Jew. Until then we must honour God by respecting ourselves and refusing to participate.

Personally, I am finished with being coerced and badgered into defending my religion, my beliefs. I am sick and tired of people who tell me I will go to hell if I do not accept Jesus. I am sick and tired of people who call themselves Messianic Jews (they are Christians) trying to use my teachings to prove to me that one can be a Jew and believe in Jesus.

In Matthew 23:15 Jesus is quoted as criticizing the zeal of the Pharisees in pursuing their missionary efforts to the ends of the earth. Now in the name of Jesus people, like Bickle, are calling for death of all Jews- by proselytizing!

If this is not incitement against the Jewish people-what is?

Now is the time for Israel to step up and protect and defend the Jewish people and Judaism.



2 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to EVIL

  1. Thank you, Diane. It’s refreshing to read articles by someone who is proud enough of our faith, and, our people to tell the truth without apology. It’s time we all stopped assenting to the slow suicide of the Jewish People with our indifferent silence.


  2. I’m a bit surprised by your reaction. People at IHOP, the community Mike Bickle helped found, almost to a person avidly support Israel, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem all the time. Christians almost universally identify Jesus as a Jew. His family were Jews. His first followers were Jews. He advocated following the Law.
    If Bickle had criticism for Israel I would guess it’s spoken in the same heart as criticism of the Church; not in condemnation, more like self-assessment.
    Thanks for your post!


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