In Deuteronomy 18:18 the Targum reads: “I will raise for them a prophet from among their brethren, similar to you in that the Ruach Hakodesh (the Holy Spirit) will be in him, and I will put into his mouth My word of prophecy and he will speak with them all that I command him.” In his usual style, the Targum inserts additional words in order to clarify the verse for the masses.

In order to specify the way in which this future prophet will be similar to Moses, Targum Yonatan inserts three Aramaic words, “D’Ruach Kudsha Bei” (he will be filled with the Holy Spirit). Shapira completely distorts the Targum Yonatan by presenting a partial quote “D’Ruach Kudsha” which he renders as from the Holy Spirit. Shapira argues that this implies that this prophet will be both “human and divine at the same time” and “conceived through the Holy Spirit”. Shapira has abused the trust of those who depend upon his translation of the Targum!

See how he distorts it on two separate occasions:

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