video clip 1Interfaithfulness” is a blog/ website by messianic musician, Jews for Jesus ‘rabbi’ Dr Stuart Dauermann. On the blog/ website is apparently, a growing storehouse of information and advice for those who wish to make marriage between Jews and Christians ‘doable’. Now of course, trust me to point out the obvious, is this not a bit like building a house on a hillside in California? Building a house on a hillside in California I got from the eye opening video on the subject so I cannot take credit for it! Not that I would want to by the way! To a certain extent even Stuart does not take credit for it either, since the clincher of the video at the end is with the parable of Jesus espousing the differences between building a house on a rock or a house on sand.

Just so that there is no doubt that one may make the mistake of misunderstanding the words of Jesus to mean that intermarriage is like building on sand or in California–and why wouldn’t you? We see a serendipitous use of the ‘evangelical paradigm’ so that we do not misunderstand. Briefly, the ‘evangelical paradigm’ is: believe in Jesus or it is the eternal BBQ for you sunny Jim! Paradoxically however, the evangelical paradigm is not used to convert Jews to Jesus because it frightens them away and is a major barrier in the conversion of Jews to Jesus! The evangelical paradigm is what permits a solid foundation for the impossible, the making of marriage between Jews and Christians ‘doable’! Providing that at least the ‘Jewish’ spouse side of the intermarriage equation is open to and accepts the evangelical paradigm, then you are on the rock as far as the intermarriage problem is concerned! Sorted!? The Jewish in-laws in the intermarriage side of the equation? Well that’s another story for another time we suppose or perhaps the further use of another parable of Jesus is in the offing to help smooth things out? Who knows?

However, as we progress on the path of interfaithfulness, the ‘Jewish’ side of the path may further be hardened because lets face it, those Jews have a history of not living up to their obligations:

keepWhat point is the Holy One Blessed be He making here (Jer 35)?  Just this: that the Jewish people have failed to show to Him the honor and respect due him. While the Rechabites show honor to their father Jonadab by obeying his rulings, the people of Israel dishonor God by not obeying his Torah….. So the question we need to ask and answer is this one. In view of all of the above, what does it mean to honor the LORD of Hosts, our Father, Master, and King properly?  And can we rationally excise obedience to his commands from that equation?……. Jews obeying Torah, and Messianic Jews obeying Torah, may be about a number of things. But it is fundamentally about this: showing proper honor to the One who created all that is, and who brought us out of Egypt that we might serve him……   Although we may rightly hold that with the coming of Messiah, our relationship with Torah has gone through a shift, and that we will differ in some areas with many other Jews in matters of interpretation, following the teaching of Yeshua and his sh’lichim [apostles], nothing in the Newer Testament entitles us to suggest that the priority of honoring God by obeying Torah has been withdrawn. (The Foundational Reason Jews, Including Messianic Jews, Should Obey Torah)

“nothing in the Newer Testament entitles us to suggest that the priority of honoring God by obeying Torah has been withdrawn”. Now is this not an interesting phrase, especially in view of the attempts above to make intermarriage between Jews and Christians “doable”?

Of course Stuart claims that the Oral Torah and the religious legacy of ‘our people’ are honorable, beautiful and holy!

Well not really, is it Stuart? “On Keeping Your Mouth Shut and Saving a Life” seems to have some rather hard dynamics to understand whenstu interfaith actually discussing the religious legacy of ‘our people’! Not even when it comes to things which are not even Oral Law but instead just plain biblical (see how Nehemiah sorts out the intermarriage problem in Neh 13:23-28 and Ezra 9:1-2 which also validates Oral Torah too BTW, Jewish status is established through the mother and not the father or via a halachic conversion). Hiding in the smokescreen of “matters of interpretation” will not avail you much in your agenda ‘rabbi’ Jews for Jesus Dauermann because even the ‘older’ Jewish scriptures prove you to be wrong. Intermarriage is not an example of obeying Torah it is in actual fact a violation of it.


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