Letter to a messianic about a Messiah

Letter to SY about Messiah

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The following essay was sent to a Messianic leader. He suggested that we exchange our respective views about the Messiah that was predicted by the prophets of the Jewish Scriptures. I sent him my point of view, but I never received any response from him. I do find it interesting that most of my correspondence with Messianics and Christians adhere to the same template. I write something based on Scripture, and the response I get is generally the same: silence. I wonder why?


As we agreed – here is my presentation of the Messiah from the perspective of the Jewish Scriptures.

Genesis 49:10 tells us that the Messiah will have the nations gather to him.

Numbers 24:17-19 tells us that the Messiah will achieve military victory over Israel’s enemies.

Isaiah 11:1-12:6 Describes a leader imbued with a spirit of God, wisdom, understanding, council, strength, knowledge and fear of God. He will be a righteous judge and he will smite the wicked dead. Here too, it speaks of the nations seeking him (11:10 – as in Genesis 49:10).

In this passage we get a description of the times of the Messiah. The prophet speaks of universal peace and universal knowledge of God (11:6-9). The prophet speaks of the ingathering of Israel’s exiles (11:11 -16) and Israel’s victory over her enemies (11:14 – as in Numbers 24:17-19).

The prophet then describes Israel’s song and exultation in praise of God (12:1-6).

Isaiah 55:3,4 speaks of God’s kindness towards David and how He has appointed Him a leader and a commander for the nations. My understanding of this passage is that it refers to David’s descendant; the Messiah. God’s promises to David are fulfilled through this descendant of his. This fits in with the other prophecies that refer to the Messiah (Genesis 49:10, Isaiah 11:10).

Jeremiah 3:15 speaks of shepherds after God’s heart implying that the Messiah will not rule alone but that there will be a plurality of leaders in that time. This concept is repeated in Obadiah 1:21and Micah 5:4.

Jeremiah 23:5-8 and 33:14-16 describe Messiah as a king who executes justice and charity and that there will be security for Israel in his days.

Jeremiah 30:9 refers to the Messiah as “David” – as does Ezekiel (34:23,24, 37:24) and Hosea (3:5). I want to talk about this point at length after I finish listing the Scriptural references.

Jeremiah 30:21 tells us that the Messiah will be one of us (the Jewish people at the end of time will consider him one of their own) and that God will have to bring the Messiah close to Himself – because who would dare approach God.

Ezekiel 34:23-31 speaks of the Messiah as a shepherd and a prince. The prophet describes the times as a period of peace, security and great bounty.

Ezekiel 37:22-28 also speaks of the Messiah and his times. It speaks of the Temple being rebuilt, Israel’s reconciliation with God, ingathering of the exiles, observance of the Law, and a covenant of peace.

Ezekiel 44:3 speaks of the privilege of the prince/Messiah to eat his offerings in a special area of the Temple (reminiscent of Jeremiah 30:21).

Ezekiel 45:7,8 speaks of the land that will be designated for the Messiah in the end-times.

Ezekiel 45:16,17 speaks of the messiah’s responsibility to pay for the communal offerings of the holidays.

Ezekiel 45:22 speaks of the Messiah’s responsibility to bring a sin-offering for himself and for the nation.

Throughout chapter 46 (Ezekiel) we learn of various privileges and responsibilities of the Messiah (verses 2,4,8,10,12,15-18).

Micah 5:3 speaks of the Messiah shepherding Israel with the might of God, Israel will return from the exile, and the fame of the Messiah will reach the ends of the earth. (Note that Micah 5:1 tells us that the Messiah will be from the Bethlhemite clan – in keeping with the promise to David).

According to many commentators, Zechariah 9:9,10 also refer to the Messiah. Here he is described as righteous and poor – riding on a donkey. He will rule with peace over the ends of the earth.

Zechariah chapters 12 and 13 refer to the house of David in a position of leadership in the end-times – also a Messianic reference (12:7,8,10,12, 13;1). Here too, we have a description of a military victory of Israel over her enemies.

I think that these are the Scriptural references of the man Messiah that are most explicit and clear. The picture we gather is that the Messiah will be a wise and righteous king of the Davidic dynasty who will rule over Israel in an era when all the nations recognize Israel’s role as God’s firstborn son. Thus all of the nations will be subject to the Messiah as part of their submission to Israel (Isaiah 60:12).

It is clear that the times of the Messiah are those glorious end-times that are so vividly described by the prophets (Deuteronomy 4:30, 30:1-10, 32:43, Jeremiah 3:14-18, 16:14,15,19, 23:3-6, 30:3,7-11,16-25, 31:1-39, 32:37-44, 33:6-26, 46:27,28, 50:4,5,19,20, Ezekiel 11:17-20, 20:40-44, 28:25-26, 34:9-16,22-31, 36:6-15,22-38, 37:1-28, 38:1-48:35, Isaiah 1:26,27, 2:2-4, 4:2-6, 10:33-12:6, 24:21-25:9, 30:26, 34:1-35, 40:1-11, 41:10-20, 43:5-10, 44:1-5 49:8-26, 51:11,22-52:12, 54:1-55:5, 56:7, 60:1-63:9, 65:17-25, 66:10-24, Hosea 2:1-3,16-25, Joel 3;1-5, 4:1-21, Amos 9:11-15, Obadiah 1:17-21, Micah 4:1-7, 5:1-13, 7:8-20, Zephaniah 3:9-20, Zechariah 2:9, 8:2-8, 14:3-21, Malachi 3:4,16-24, Psalm 51:20,21, 69:36,37, 98:1-3, 102:14-23, 126:1-6, Daniel 2:44, 7:18,22,27, 12:2,3,)

The fact that the prophets refer to the Messiah by the name; David, tells us that the Messiah will be like David. Of all of the characters in the Jewish Scripture, we know David best. His entire heart is open for all to read in the Book of Psalms. David loved God with all of his heart and his words reflect that love. David was totally self-effacing before God. He publicly recognized and acknowledged his failings and sins before God. The utter humility of David before God, and David’s all-consuming love of God touched the heart of Israel and continues to touch Israel’s heart to this very day. The prophet describes David as the one who gives pleasantness to Israel’s song (2Samuel 23:1). David is the ultimate human king. David was the man who had the ability to lead his people to spiritual victory as well as military victory without diverting the attention of the people to himself. David directed everyone’s devotion to God and to God alone. With David as our king the sovereignty of God is in no way eclipsed. This is what we look forward to. We look forward to a time when everyone is absolutely cognizant of God’s absolute sovereignty – under a king who continuously inspires us to increase and grow in our awareness of God’s absolute sovereignty and love

I think this sums up my understanding of the Messiah – I am looking forward to hearing your perspective.

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Rabbi Ignoramus

The Endorsement of Itzhak Shapira – a Video, an Appeal and a Challenge

The Endorsement of Itzhak Shapira – a Video, an Appeal and a Challenge

Please note that Shapira is currently (31 Dec 2018) on a troll to remove the above video:

shap 1

Itzhak Shapira holds “full ordination” from the IAMCS and his book; “The Return of the Kosher Pig” comes with ringing accolades from some of the top names in Messianic and Evangelical circles. With these endorsements in his back pocket, Shapira disseminates his teachings in person and online to innocent and well-meaning people all over the world. These people cannot on their own evaluate Shapira’s expertise because they do not know the language of the texts that serve as the basis of his teachings. Instead, they rely on the appraisal of those who have granted him ordination and who claim to see him as a serious scholar.


Recently, Shapira released a video of one of his teachings. In this video, Shapira does not limit himself to the teaching itself. He tries his hand at reading a few lines of the Talmud. The Talmud is the foundational book of rabbinic literature and Shapira is described by these Christian leaders as a scholar in the field of rabbinic literature. But Shapira is nothing of the sort.

I showed this clip to a few elementary school children, ages 12-14. These youngsters are beginners in the study of Talmud. These children were convinced that this was some type of comic skit. Shapira’s inability to make his way through a few simple lines of Talmud was so embarrassingly obvious to these beginners that they could not imagine someone posting such a video unless he was trying to make a joke.

I now turn to those leaders who have put their names behind Itzhak Shapira and I appeal to you. Please check out this video. Absorb the incredible ineptitude displayed in this video and ask yourselves if this man can lay any legitimate claim to expertise in the realm of rabbinic literature. On what basis do you allow this impostor to mislead innocent people? How can you aid and abet Shapira’s ongoing deception?

I challenge you to live up to your calling as human beings created in the image of God and publicly withdraw your endorsements from Itzhak Shapira. I hope and pray that you do so with tact and with sensitivity, but also effectively and decisively. Those who have put their trust in your leadership deserve no less.



Unfortunately this “rabbi” cannot proficiently read through a line of Talmud . This video is riddled with blatant mistakes and misinformation.

For the sake of education and exposing it for the sham it is:

First off he starts with a mistake about the page: he tells his audience that the Hebrew letter פ has the numerical value of 70. In truth though, it is actually 80. He then tells his viewers that a page of Talmud has too sides (i.e. side a and side b) he refers to these sides as ‘Daf Alef’ and ‘Daf Bet’. In truth, there is no Daf Alef in the Talmud. In the Talmud side a is referred to as Amud Alef and side b is referred to as Amud Bet.

We then hear him inform his viewers about the context leading up to the line he wants to read, he misleads his viewers to believe that the discussion of the lines of Talmud he fumbled through are speaking of a ‘Tikun’ and of a ‘Pidyon’. The truth is that the words that he read have nothing to do with a ‘Tikun’ or a ‘Pidyon’.

He then asserts that the part that he wants everyone to pay close attention to is a continuation from the lines above. (i.e. part of the topic of discussion being addressed just prior to it.) This too is erroneous.

His attempt to read and translate both the Talmud itself and the words of Rashi would make entry students of the Talmud laugh and cry.

For the purpose of the exercise please click on this link which has both the Aramaic and the translation with elucidation of that page of Talmud. He is referencing the last section of page 80 a.


Rav and Shmuel and Rav Assi once met at a Bei Shavua HaBen (lit. house of the week of the son) (circumcision of a boy) or as some say, at a Bei Yeshua HaBen (lit. house of the redemption/salvation of the son) (a party for the redemption of a son). [The story continues] Rav would not enter before Shmuel, nor Shmuel before Rav Assi, nor would Rav Assi enter before Rav. They therefore argued who should go in last, [and it was decided that] Shmuel should go in last, and that Rav and Rav Assi should go in [together].

What Tzahi then asserts here is that the words Bei Yeshua HaBen somehow refers to a “son” who’s name is Yeshua which he asserts is a reference to Jesus of Nazareth.

This is a display of ignorance at its finest.

Based on this inane assertion, Tzahi claims that this line in the Talmud “proves without a shadow of a doubt” that the author of at least parts of the Talmud was a believer in Yeshua.

What upsets me is that Christian/ Messianic scholars allow him to get away with it. His viewers are clearly unable to know whether he knows what he’s talking about or not and he is taking advantage of their inability to challenge him.

More on the scholarly output of Shapira here.


Christian Zionist Leaders Unite with Messianic Christians to Focus on Evangelizing Jews in Israel

Posted by Jewish Israel on February 2, 2015 at 6:30pm

There are a number of major Israel-focused Christian conferences and events scheduled for 2015, several of which are to be held in Jerusalem. They all emphasize bringing Israelis to christ and empowering the messianic Christian movement. Included among these missionary happenings are REZ’s Israel Summit Stand Firm, ICEJ’s Envision Pastors and Leaders Conference , Empowered 21 Global Congress, and the Lasaunne Conference on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE).

In the past, the most widely publicized evangelical events in Israel have publically downplayed the proselytizing message to the Jews and the evangelical connections with the messianic movement in Israel. Instead these events were billed as pilgrimages with an emphasis on worship as well as on expressing solidarity with the Jewish State.  What has been going on inside the auditoriums is another matter. Since 2009JewishIsrael has regularly provided reports, complete with video footage, on the conversionary agenda of many of these events such as the Global Day of Prayer, Global Prayer Initiative, Elav Concerts and Sid Roth’s conversion extravaganza.

There now appears to be a more disturbing trend which takes “religious freedom and expression” in Israel to a new level and which marks a very public and orchestrated collaboration between prominent Christian Zionist leaders and renowned missionary and messianic leaders. It seems that evangelicals have set in motion a three-pronged approach, which:

  1. Openly strives to give legitimacy and support to the Israeli messianic movement.
  2. Places an unadulterated focus on the Christ-centered message of spreading the Christian faith to the Jewish people.
  3. Attempts to unify the “Body of Christ” or “believers” [in Jesus] in a common, Israel-focused crusade.

This unification and reconciliation theme has surfaced in the past, but has always been somewhat surreptitious, with Israel’s leaders either ignoring the undercurrents or simply being duped. For example, in August 2007, Rabbi Benny Elon, former MK, Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC), inadvertently found himself being asked to bless a messianic revival conference in Jerusalem, sponsored by Pastor Jack Hayford. It is worth noting that Israel’s Ministry of Tourism has had no problem using a renowned missionary such as Hayford as their poster boy.

More recently, in October 2014 JewishIsrael reported on an attempt by Dr. Raleigh Washington of Promise Keepers Ministry to team up with messianic pastor/rabbi Jonathan Cahn and the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) in a One Message campaign of unity with messianic leaders in Israel. The movement’s mega event, under the banner “Jesus Reigns”, was to take place outside Jerusalem’s Old City Walls, but had to be postponed when a major sponsor reportedly backed down.

Past and present CUFI executive board members and directors are openly joining with their messianic brothers and sisters and jumping on the “to the Jew first” bandwagon. We see the same new openness from Christian Zionist organizations such as the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ).  In the past the ICEJ consistently tried to modulate their indisputable associations with those who target Jews for conversion in Israel. However, since the departure of former ICEJ director Malcolm Hedding, there seems to have been a policy change with ICEJ directorsJurgen Buhler, Juha Ketola and David Parsons, who all openly collaborate with messianic missionary leaders in Israel.  This was especially evident at the ICEJ’s 2014 Feast of the Tabernacles and at Robert Stearns’ Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem which took place last October.  Messianic leaders are now an integral part, if not the main feature, of ICEJ’s Envision Pastors and Leaders Conferences.

The US Government Declares Proselytizing Legal in Israel

The current transparency and zeal of these evangelical organizations striving to bring Jews to Jesus in Israel, should be of concern to all Jewish Israelis.  However, the Israeli government is not in a position to stop such events, because the US State Department considers such censure a violation of International Religious Freedoms legislation.

Over the last 40 years, Israel has become dependent on the Christian tourism industry, Christian Zionist US Congressional support and evangelical-led hasbara efforts.  All of this makes it difficult to protest what amounts to a “Jesus revolution” in Israel.

The State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom Report for Israel and the Occupied Territories has over the past several years made a point of emphasizing the legality of proselytizing in Israel:

“Proselytizing is legal for all religious groups. The law prohibits offering a material benefit as an inducement to conversion. It is also illegal to convert a person under 18 unless one parent is an adherent of the religious group seeking to convert the minor. Despite the legality of proselytism, the government generally discourages proselytizing and encourages the popular perception that it is illegal. The MOI occasionally cites proselytizing as a reason to deny student, work, and religious visa extensions, as well as to deny permanent residency petitions.” – International Religious Freedom Report for 2013 Israel and the Occupied Territories

Although this may come as a surprise to many in the Jewish community, it important to clarify that proselytizing is legal in Israel. There is nobody who likes to bring that to the attention of the Christian world more than the evangelical-run Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ). JIJ’s founder, Attorney Calev Myers and his partner,  AttorneyMichael Decker, are in the forefront of  the battle to change the Jewish nature of the State of Israel and the very definition of Judaism. As a result, over the past few years JIJ has been cited as a source of information in the State Department Religious Freedoms reports, which are critical of Orthodox Jewish tradition as well as Israel’s treatment of missionaries and messianic Christians who try to make aliyah as Jews. Excerpt:

“MOI officials continued to deny citizenship or deny or delay services such as child registration and issuance of social benefits, identity cards, and passports to some citizens based on their religious beliefs, according to the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, an NGO. This included cases of individuals who immigrated under the Law of Return as Jews but were discovered to hold Messianic or Christian beliefs.” – International Religious Freedom Report for 2013 Israel and the Occupied Territories

That JIJ has expressed extreme views against Orthodox Jewish groups and has an overt pro-messianic Christian agenda and that partners Decker and Myers are regularly featured keynote speakers at events which aspire to bring faith in Jesus to the Jews, apparently poses no ethical issue or conflict of interest for the US State Department.

ICEJ Out of the Closet in an Open Partnership with Israel’s Messianic Leadership

Don’t let a mere half of Calev Myers’ face on the ICEJ Envision 2015 promotional banner fool you. The ICEJ is openly and fully networking and cooperating with Israel’s messianic leadership, who are committed to bringing thegospel to the Jews and gaining a Christian foothold in Israel.

ICEJ’s Envision Pastors and Leaders Conference for 2015 was held last week, from January 26 to 29, 2015. The conference presented itself as an opportunity for evangelical leaders to network with messianic missionary leaders in Israel. For example, the opening day featured Tel Aviv born Avi Mizrachi, Messianic leader of Israel’sDugit Messianic Outreach Center and Adonai Roi Congregation.

Mizrachi is a missionary, who enjoys support from Evangelical churches in America, Europe and Asia. He is very public about his agenda and beliefs, actively aspiring for the day when Israel’s entire population will accept and worship Jesus. Mizrachi is also a regularlyfeatured speaker at the ICEJ’s Feast of the Tabernacles, and the ICEJ markets Mizrachi’s teachings.

Last year’s ICEJ Envision 2014 conference featured Israeli evangelical messianic leaders Calev Myers,  Peter Tsukahira of Haifa’s Or HaCarmel Ministry andWayne Hilsden, Senior Pastor of King of Kings messianic community based in Jerusalem’s Clal Center.

At ICEJ’s Envision conference, Hilsden went to great lengths to explain to the audience the success and the strategy behind the rapid expansion of the messianic movement in Israel. Excerpts of his presentation can and should be watched here.

There is no longer any doubt that the ICEJ is actively involved in and dedicating great resources towards establishing and growing an active and strong Jesus-believing community of “Jews” in Israel.

CUFI Leadership “Stands Firm” with Messianic Missionaries 

Calev Myers of JIJ and Wayne Hilsden of KKCJ will also be featured speakers at the Israel Summit Stand Firm, to be held in Loveland Texas from February 4-6, 2015, under the auspices of Resurrection Fellowship (REZ). The conference, which is reportedly sold out, is a collaboration between America’s most determined missionaries to the Jews and Israeli messianic leadership. The message and evangelizing agenda comes across loud and clear from the conference’s publicity:


“GOD IS CALLING YOU AND ME TO CARRY ON THE LEGACY OF GOD’S HEART FOR THE JEWS. We are to acknowledge and seek after the blessing God promises to those who will bless Israel, and to refuse to silence the life-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.”

It is disturbing, but no longer surprising to see a formidable team of Israeli messianic leaders such as Calev Myers and Wayne Hilsdon featured alongside Jonathan Bernis,Jack Hayford and Michael Brown. But what should really raise Jewish eyebrows is the participation of CUFI executive board member Pastor George Morrison.  Morrison also serves as a regional director for CUFI.

While it is not unusual for those who are serving or have served as CUFI leaders, such asStephen Strang, Robert Stearns, James Hutchens, Keith Butler and Michael Little, to support messianic missionaries and their endeavors in Israel and abroad, this may be the first time that an active CUFI director has lent his name and services to a major high-profile evangelical conference focused on spreading the gospel to the Jews and building Israel’s messianic community.

Pentecostals Empowered in Jerusalem

Empowered21, a Pentecostal Global Congress, will be holding a mega-conference in Jerusalem from May 20 to 25, 2015.  Billed as “the largest Christian gathering in Jerusalem in modern history”, the movement’s vision is:


Once again, this conference will feature as speakers Christian Zionist leaders such as former CUFI directors Robert Stearns and Stephen Strang, and ICEJ’s Jurgen Buhler, alongside Israeli messianic Christian missionary leadersWayne Hilden, Avi Mizrachi, Marcel Rebiai and Tom Hess.

Hilsden is being promoted on an Empowered21 webpage carrying the headlines “Preparing Jerusalem for their King”. Excerpts:

  • Witness. Knowing the time is short, we in Jerusalem need to witness while we can. Yeshua communicated the good news using physical things in this city as tangible illustrations.
  • …We need to frequently remind Jerusalemites of God’s eternal plan of salvation for this city.”
  • “Pray for Jewish hearts to be turned to Messiah Jesus.”
  • “Pray for the Messianic believers in Israel to be bold in sharing the good news of Jesus with their families and friends.”

Of additional concern is the participation of powerful and aggressive evangelical leaders and organizations who have continuously dedicated major resources to converting Jews and who preach a conversionary agenda. These include Morris Cerullo, TBN Russia’s Igor Nikitin,  E.A (Enoch) Adeboye , Convoy of Hope and “Assemblies of God”.

More than “reconciliation”, the emphasis of these conferences should perhaps be “reunion”, as many of the missionaries involved in planting churches and “messianic” congregations in Israel  were sent on their missions by such entities as the “Assemblies of God” and “Christ for the Nations” (CFNI), both of which are partnering on behalf of Empowered21 Jerusalem.

For example, CFNI, based in Dallas, has a significant circle of missionary family and alumni operating in Israel,among them Ari and Shira Sorko Ram of Maoz Ministries, Shani Ferguson of Yeshua Israel, Avi Mizrachi of Dugit,Peter and Rita Tsukahira of Kehilat HaCarmel and Ray and Sharon Sanders of Christians Friends of Israel (CFI).

Sponsors for the Empowered21 Jerusalem 2015 Global Congress include established Christian Zionist organizations such as ICEJ, Bridges for Peace, The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Charisma Magazineand Christian Friends of Yad Vashem.

Sar El Tours is a very popular messianic-run tourism company in Israel. Sar El is a sponsor and by some accounts“the official appointed tour operators for the Empowered21 Global Congress in Israel”. Sar-El Tours is owned and operated by Samuel Smadja, an Israeli messianic pastor. Smadja can be heard at the 1.34 mark of this videoexplaining his agenda and why it is so difficult for the Jewish mind to accept jesus as the son of god.

Smadja’s father, Victor, who recently died, was coined as “the Father of 20th Century Messianic Judaism” byCharisma Magazine, a publication founded by former CUFI regional director Stephen Strang.

Convert the Jew Conference Scheduled for August 2015 in Jerusalem

The fourth and final conference covered in this report is the 10th International Conference of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Ev… (LCJE). It is scheduled to be held in Jerusalem from August 16 to 21, 2015. With a title like that, no in-depth explanation is needed as to the agenda.  Suffice it to say that LCJE is a “special interest committee” of the highly influential Lausanne Movement, and closely affiliated with Jews for Jesus and Chosen People Ministries.

Most Christian Zionist organizations still do their best to avoid LCJE’s in-your-face-convert-the-Jews gatherings. However the same cannot be said for Pastor Wayne Hilsden of KKCJ and previously mentioned Israeli Evangelical Attorneys Calev Myers and Michel Decker of JIJ, who have lent their expertise to LCJE conferences in the past.

Worth noting is that a number of “pro-Israel” evangelical and messianic organizations are recently reeling after theLausanne Committee for World Evangelization took a swipe at Christian Zionism, by publishing a piece in their publication, “Lausanne Global Analysis” which reportedly asserts that Christian Zionism has a “very narrow theological narrative.” and was ” ill conceived”.

That Jerusalem will be making preparations to host a conference that is openly focused on eradicating Judaism is beyond the pale and most certainly pushes the “religious freedoms” envelope over the edge.

Jewish leadership’s role in empowering missionaries

As pointed out in a number of earlier JewishIsrael reports, it is highly problematic when Jewish activists and leadership empower missionary organizations by partnering with them.

Yet for years Eliezer Braun of Shuva Israel (www.blessingisrael.com) has engaged in fundraising and “spiritual bridge-building” with Resurrection Fellowship (REZ), the sponsors of the Israel Summit Stand Firm missionary conference cited earlier in this report. REZ has a number of missionaries operating in Israel.

World Jewish Congress President Ron Lauder had the very best intentions when he spoke and signed a letter against the persecution of Christians at the hands of Muslims at the October 2014 ICEJ Feast of the Tabernacles. Yet now he can find himself literally on the same page as those actively working to evangelize in Israel as a part of the Empowered21 Jerusalem 2015 Global Congress. That very same Empowered21 article spells out their agenda for every person to know jesus christ,  announcing their upcoming Jerusalem Global Congress to that effect. All this a mere two  sentences after citing Ron Lauder’s commitment as a Jew to speak out on behalf of Christians.

But perhaps the most stunning example of the abyss to which Jewish leadership has led us is best illustrated by charting the meteoric rise and acceptance into Israeli society of influential Christian missionary Joel Rosenberg. Rosenberg is someone who partners with and promotes the most aggressive organizations targeting Jews for conversion.

Less than a year ago, in April 2014 Rabbi Riskin and Ohr Torah Stone hosted Joel Rosenberg at New York’s Lincoln Square Synagogue.  The event was a publicity coupfor Rosenberg and granted legitimacy to the messianic missionary movement, with Mitch Glaser the President of Chosen People Ministries proclaiming:

 “I attended the dialogue and am convinced that it was a significant event! I have been a believer for forty-two years, I come from a traditional Jewish background, and I never thought I would hear a clear testimony for Jesus in a modern Orthodox synagogue (the type of synagogue in which I was raised!)”

Four months later in August 2014, Joel Rosenberg announces that he and his family will be making Aliyah to Israel as Christians.

“Based on my Jewish roots on my father’s side, the State of Israel has granted us citizenship. We are now dual citizens of the United States and Israel, and are deeply grateful to the Lord for making this possible in His timing and by His grace.”

On January 1, 2015 JewishIsrael was forwarded a mobile message of Joel Rosenberg reporting on his lunch with former Deputy Foreign Minister and Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Daniel Ayalon and his wife Anne.

[Note: Since its inception, JewishIsrael has written a number of reports on the Ayalons and their involvement and endeavors with evangelical Christian leadership.]

It has come to the point where Jewish leadership might consider tearing kriyah and reciting al-chet over its active and direct role in ushering these Christian “friends” into our midst and facilitating our “friends” long-time aim to spiritually destroy us, heaven forbid. Tragically, it is far easier and much less painful for our politicians, rabbis and leaders to “turn the other cheek”, dismiss the facts and view this incursion as evidence of a new and “prophetic” era of Christian “love”.

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