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The intention of this blog inter alia is in response to the many missionaries from various brands of Christianity, including so called “Messianic Judaism’ who over the years on Facebook have seen my original Facebook page and targeted myself for their evangelistic endeavors. Yes I have more than one FB page, my original FB page I keep for my close family and friends who do not necessarily want to be involved in such discussions. This blog is open to all who would wish to read articles which are challenging. That the articles are challenging I make no apology for. I also welcome discussion/ questions but reserve the right not to reply or possibly not approve comments if they are a personal attack against myself or family and/ or excessive profanity is used.

3 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Good idea. I accept sincere comments, but I also share why our view has more credibility. I also have helped to discourage those who are pushy on Jewish pages, as TORAH TALMUD ZOHAR BIBLE.One I had fun with was a man who falsly identified himself as Jewish and a Rabbi. I checked his home page, and used the material to help discourage him.


  2. Menashe — if you get this message, Carmen has had me blocked on Facebook and I’m unable to post. It has something to do with your Answering Carmen page (although I see that YOU can post). Hopefully this will just be temporary. You can reach me at Messiahtruth or via my blog.


  3. This is outrageous. After Shabbat I tried to log in to FB and got a you have to comply with community standards thing to click without even a reason given. After clicking this I was notified that the Answering Carmen Welker page had been removed. A new page Not Answering Carmen Welker has been set up instead. Hope to see you online soon.


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