Jeremy Gimpel and Hayovel Pray with Convert-the-Jew Pastor Don Finto in Nashville

On February 22nd Jeremy Gimpel an educator, radio host, and Deputy Director of the World Mizrachi Movement was the featured speaker at an event in Nashville sponsored by HaYovel, a ministry founded by Tommy Waller.   Hayovel brings hundreds of messianic and fundamentalist Christian volunteers to work with farmers, especially vintners, in Judea and Samaria.

Since 2009 JewishIsrael has been monitoring the Waller family’s extensive network of missionary collaborationsand associations. JewishIsrael has been alerting the Jewish community via online reports as well as through private and public presentations. We have also provided information to rabbinic leaders who have formulated a“Document of Principles” regarding the acceptance of monetary and manpower assistance from Christian organizations or individuals.

Joshua and Caleb Waller as well as Luke Hilton, all from HaYovel, hosted the evening in Nashville, which put the spotlight on Jeremy Gimpel and his personal story, visions and interpretation on prophecy. At the conclusion of the event, Don Finto, a notorious Nashville-based missionary known for his aggressive and public campaigns to bring the Jews to jesus, took the stage at the behest of Calev Waller.

“Papa Don come on up here and bless us. I want to honor you for being here with us tonight and thank you for leading the beacon of Israel here in this town. And this is an honor. Let’s rise and honor Papa Don here this evening. So stand with us as we bless.”

After being welcomed on stage by Gimpel and the HaYovel team, Finto expresses his gratitude at seeing “what’s happening among Christians, believers in jesus, coming together, united together for ‘your’ purposes”. Finto lays his hand upon Gimpel’s shoulder and blesses him and Hayovel.  This is followed by Finto’s prayer in the name of jesus, as well as Finto’s Hebrew version of the priestly blessing.

The Jewish community was widely exposed to Don Finto’s agenda when he made an appearance in 2011 at a mass rally in a Texas stadium with messianic associates, and openly prayed for the conversion of the Jewish people. The “Response” prayer rally, the brainchild of then Texas Governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry, made international headlines and was a source of national debate in addition to causing concern in America’s Jewish community.

Despite Finto’s open conversionary agenda and support for messianics in Israel, he penned a book back in 2001“Your People Shall Be My People”, which remains an acclaimed classic among Christian Zionists. Professor Stephen Spector writes in his book, “Evangelicals and Israel“, that “Even organizations that officially avoid proselytizing seem to sympathize with Finto’s beliefs.”

Messianic leader Daniel Juster, who works closely with Don Finto and a missionary team in Israel, endorses the book and is quoted by Finto:

“I have become convinced that Rabbinic Judaism is a more severe departure from biblical faith than I had ever realized in my early days of Jewish recovery…The atmosphere of New Testament carried on the spirit of the Hebrew Scriptures pervasively and profoundly.  The essence of Rabbinism is a severe departure, replacing revelation with human reason…We who are Jewish are biblical New Covenant Jews, not Rabbinic Jews!”

Finto’s more recent views on rabbis, Judaism, and what goes on in the synagogues continue to be disingenuous and condescending.

That Jeremy Gimpel has recently been promoted on the speaking circuit as Orthodox “Rabbi Gimpel” should make his appearance on stage with Don Finto all the more discomforting.

As far back as 1997 Don Finto was making waves and headlines with his sermons and promotion of the Christian mandate to convert the Jewish people.

At that time, Reform-Progressive Rabbi Stephen Fuchs held the line for the Jewish people and was able to deliver a firm response that would put many of today’s younger Orthodox rabbis and Torah observant activists to complete shame. A good number of Jeremy Gimpel’s responses delivered to an audience two weeks ago at Fellowship Bible Chapel  appear to be noncommittal, fawning and ambiguous at best. And, in the opinion of JewishIsrael, Gimpel’s “open-ended” approach to Jewish-Christian theological relations could actually encourage those looking forward to a missionary harvest.

JewishIsrael expressed concern about a possible association between Don Finto and Tommy Waller of Hayovel in its November 2013 report Evangelists, Politics and Shomron PR – The Pew of It All. At that time, blogger “Geula Girl” picked up the ball and a few days later posted an in-depth look at those connections on her website,  “Esav Exposed”.

It would have been hard for Jeremy Gimpel not to have known about Don Finto.  Had he not been informed of Finto’s appearance at the conclusion of his presentation he could have chosen a dignified, appropriate and halachic response by leaving the stage during the Christian prayer session.

Certainly Jeremy Gimpel now knows that his Hayovel sponsors endorse, honor and are close with “Papa Don” Finto. One wonders how Gimpel feels after being used by Hayovel to legitimize and empower the likes of Don Finto. In addition, Gimpel’s personal family photos (including wife and children) and stories from his family history are being used to publicize and raise funds for an organization which has consistently shown itself to be missionary in nature.

A New Strategy: Embrace the Missionary

For years Jewish leaders and activists have consistently and persistently denied that they were working with missionaries, and insisted that Christian Zionists were not interested in bringing Jews to faith in Jesus. However now that this is obviously no longer true, Jewish activists are scrambling to keep these unholy alliances intact. The new strategy is to deem the missionary infiltration into Israel as benign and benevolent. Rather than take an honest accounting of a tragic mistake, the questions now being asked and explored by Ari Abramowitz, Jeremy Gimpel and others are, “should we be afraid of missionaries?” and “should Christian missionaries be banned or embraced?”

And the dangerously naïve and ironic answer being given is that the Jewish people are strong enough and well educated enough in their faith to withstand any missionary threat from people who truly love us.

Unfortunately JewishIsrael needs to remind those Jewish leaders who sit in yeshiva halls and radio broadcasting booths, as well as those held captive by loving Christian donors and congregations, to remember that there are reportedly hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide who have converted to Christianity since the establishment of the State of Israel. They have been the target of countless numbers of active Evangelical missionaries whose inspiration and urgent need to bring Jews to jesus has been inspired by the rebirth of the Jewish state and by what they see as the end-times role for the Jews according to Christian scripture. Christian Aliyah is another solution being pondered by those Jews who have for years been fanning the flames of evangelical fervor.

Perhaps more than the missionaries, the Jewish people should be afraid of some of their own personalities and leaders who are apparently incapable of recognizing a spiritual foe and holding the line when their faith and people come under a centuries-old threat. It is especially poignant when one considers that in this past week’s special Torah reading for Parshat Zachor, we Jews are commanded to remember those who attacked the frail and vulnerable among us.

In part two of this post we will explore Jeremy Gimpel’s recent appearance at Fellowship Bible Chapel in Colombus Ohio.

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Genuine but not Genuine

Over recent days my blog has become a source of self therapy to myself. In fact one of the reasons I first started my blog was to try to help myself form going insane with ‘life’ here in Israel. Apart from the usual grief which you can find in any country, Israel provides the unique opportunity of Jewish grief. The unique opportunity of Jewish grief all the more so intense when someone has the added bonus of being a convert to Judaism too!!

Take for example this classic scenario: You spend over 4000 shekels to get your Israeli driving license, which includes failing the driving test twice after driving on a UK license in Israel [UK license held  for 33 years] 12 months prior to taking the driving test. Then the challenge of a theory test, a third driving test and WALLA you have an Israeli driving licence just like any other Israeli!

Ger copy

The famous olim tatoo.

………Well not really! You are in fact not like any other Israeli or other immigrant who was lucky enough to pass first or second time. In the Israel system you see driving instructors who are hand in glove with examiners and you know that something stinks. Now post 7 years later something really stinks. After one renewal of my licence, after three further years of driving and a further 4 years I should be OK with my license until 2024, it says so on the license.

Then……… a letter which says that since you are a new driver[?], you need to take 2 days off work, pay a fee of 240 shekels and attend a refresher course. If you do not take and pass the refresher course your license will be revoked in 60 days time! Worst still the course and test is in hebrew!!

So there you have it, a license which is not a genuine license………… ripped off once again but it gets worse…..

The high court in Dec 2014 ruled that a rabbinical court was within its rights to retroactively annul a conversion because the convert in question had deceived the court when she said she undertook to observe Jewish law. Deputy President of the Supreme Court Justice Miriam Naor, with Justices Esther Hayut and Neal Hendel ruled on a case concerning a woman born in Romania to a Christian family who converted in Israel in the state conversion system. Two years later, the rabbinical court annulled her conversion because, according to the court, doubts had been raised as to the sincerity of the convert when she converted.

The major flaw in the decision is that it says that someones behavior following a conversion is grounds for determining ones sincerity, but it does not give a timeline for evaluating behavior. In theory, a court could undermine a conversion years later.

Sounds a bit like driving licenses does it not?

When ‘Rabbis’ make you sick

At 17 minutes into this lecture, a rabbi speaks about how converts cannot be a soulmate for a Jewish person because converts had a non-Jewish soul. Please share this widely, and I encourage you to write the shul this rabbi works for to share how offensive and harmful these comments are. You can contact Torah Ohr at 323-933-3111 or

He goes on to say:

But don’t worry, converts are loved and accepted and not discriminated against and valuable members of our community. You can even marry one if you’re not a Kohen, but don’t delude yourself into thinking the convert is your soulmate.

His use of pronouns (which have been explicitly gender inclusive up to that point), show that he only views converts as women. He then goes on to call women converts sloppy seconds for ‘real’ Jews after their “true” soulmate dies or they otherwise unsuitable for normal Jews [mamzerim]. Who are converts supposed to marry? G-d has a pool of leftovers for you, like widowers, divorcees, mamzers and people who are too picky.

Shame on you so called Rabbi.

Voice of Jews by Choice

There is a secret page on Face Book which I was invited to be a member of. I was wary of joining, having been burned in the past and for a while I was getting into it. The secret page is called “voice of jews by choice”. However, there is not much choice as far as expressing your opinion goes, especially when run by a cabal of luvees who use popularity as the criteria for being in the club. The type of club which says “my pain/ reputation/ story is bigger than anyones so I can do whatever I want and you have no right to spoil it” etc.. Is there nothing sacred for the convert, perhaps a place where they can feel a part of?


If you only knew Mr. Born Jew!

Voice of Jews by choice is supposed to be for converts so its kind of strange when folks get thrown out in favour of someone who is not a convert. Then of course the good old favorite if anyone complains; the loshon harah card and of course pre-emptively warning that if you go public, the loshon hara machine will be set in motion against you.

CowThe cabal is known as the professional kiruv circuit [coming to a town near you], who will do all it takes to protect their interest in the cash cow. The cash cow is a business venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the outlay of cash required to acquire it, start it and maintain it.

Part of doing all it takes to protect the cash cow involves supporting lies and that well-known principle of the ends justifies the means. So prolific are the efforts of the cabal that they have no compunction in smearing you all over social media.


Popular Penina the wannabe convert.

What they the cabal do of course is not loshon hara. Of course if they new what is loshon harah they would not be relaying alleged loshon harah to somebody who is not part of the group. Well apparently not.

How far do they go? Even to the point of going about like Jehovah Witness’ telling folks in places like the hairdressers of how they have been vigorously vilified by the enemies of the cash cow. The feedback of the efforts of the cabal ‘in the smal world of Judaism’ is such that folks in the street, your neighbours, folks in synagogue, question how you could dare to ruin the reputations of the members of the cabal.

Worst of all is the gaul of the cabal who are so full of themslves that they demand you to apologise for ever having the gaul to even make an inquiry to them about information about them online! So scared are they with their trail of deceit they are blinded to any kind conciliatory approach to them.

I am tired of the nonsense, I am tired that they think they are getting away with it and I am tired of being shut up by a professional kiruv worker who supports a not so secret christian.

Like the builders of babel, the cabal only care for the sytem, the building NOT people…….just the cash cow!

“Players only love you when they’re playing”.

3  Voice of Jews by Choice

Perverting the Law of “Mercy”

By: Donny Fuchs

Hamas execution hanging

Author’s Note: The following reflections are a response to Rabbi Daniel Landes’ article “Rachmanut for Gaza” which was recently featured in The Times of Israel. In the above referenced article, Rabbi Landes presents a distorted notion of the concept of mercy which has no commonality with the Torah’s understanding of the term, since it fails to recognize the existence of pervasive evil.Tragically, such distorted beliefs aren’t limited to teachers and educators. They permeate the echelons of Israel’s military and political leadership. The result of such naked ignorance is that Jewish lives are sacrificed on the altar of progressive thought, which informs our national policy relating to such critical issues as Arab terror, Arab demography, and territorial concessions. Without a Torah framework we cannot fight our enemies, as surely as we would be unable to breathe if someone placed a bag over our heads. Such un-Jewish interpretations of “mercy” and “peace” are disturbing enough when expressed by those who reject the divinity of Torah. The phenomenon of religious rabbis expressing such views is even more insidious, since it grants a seal of kashrut to views that are diametrically opposed to Judaism. Ironically, Rabbi Landes expresses a desire to see halacha applied to the situation in Gaza, as a means of articulating Jewish “rachmanut.” Evidently, he is unfamiliar with the laws of Milchemet Mitzvah.

To Rabbi Daniel Landes:

Like all good card carrying liberals, the editors of The Times of Israel believe in free speech, for Jewish liberals, that is; for those who distort Jewish teachings to support progressive ideals. The problem arises when someone tries to articulate or defend a Torah position that veers from the politically correct road. Such individuals don’t fare so well and inevitably they get bounced out of the camp of Those Who Are Permitted To Speak. Consider the case of Diane Weber Bederman who was recently informed by TTOI that her article We want all of the 6 million Jews and 1 million Arabs to come to Jesus” was removed from their forum. What was her crime? She wrote about the notorious missionary Calev Myers who advocates for “the rights” of ‘Jews for Jesus’ to make aliyah under the neutered “Law of Return.” Who filed the complaint? Calev Myers himself.

I can attest to this pattern of bias from personal experience. Several months back, TTOI banned me for expressing my ideas about Islam. Suddenly, unilaterally, without the courtesy of a conversation, they cancelled my account. Nor would they respond to my inquiries, when I requested an opportunity to defend my position by proving that everything I wrote was premised on historical fact. (Frankly, it was an honor to be banned by those who would silence an honest position.) My point is this: I have my finger on their fluttering Jewish pulse.

Yet in addition to the inherent liberal bias of the The Times of Israel, evidently, the former also give license to those who perpetuate blood libels against the Jewish people. As such, you will be celebrated by many leftists for your obscene piece, “Rachmanut For Gaza,” where you bemoan what you termed “the Palestinian plight” in Gaza. Let me first correct the obvious error, which immediately highlights your bias. There are no Palestinian people, so THEY cannot have a “Palestinian plight.” Palestinians exist in the manner that unicorns exist. Solely in the realm of fantasy and in the imaginations of those who create/deny history. Instead I will refer to the subjects of your article as “the Arabs of Gaza,” since we can at least agree upon one point: they are currently in Gaza (temporarily, I hope.)

What you call a “plight” exposes a perspective devoid of facts. Their plight is of their own making. Who controls Gaza today? As I recall, the government of Israel cruelly expelled all of the Jews from Gush Katif (aka Gaza) several years back, and allowed a hornet’s nest of Arab terror to arise on our southern coast. The innocent Arab civilians, as you would deem them, willingly chose Fatah and then Hamas to represent them, instead of endeavoring to build a normal society (which as a rule does not exist anywhere in the Arab/Islamic world). Hamas created a complex underground infrastructure of terror and placed the south of Israel in a state of perpetual terror. Yet in your mind, even this madness isn’t enough. Somehow, you still deem Israel an “occupying force.” You speak of plight? What about the plight of the most vulnerable Jews of the peripheral western Negev? What about the plight of the entire country who can be immolated with rockets and mortars at any given moment?

You bemoan the use of the collective ‘THEY’ out of a conviction that since there are children in Gaza, they cannot be guilty. Would you feel the same way about the Hitler Youth? The Arabs of Gaza are trained from birth to become shaheeds, and they are cultivated with the genocidal death code of Amalek. This occurs because the entire society is diseased with a spiritual contagion. Forsaking humanity for barbarism, the overall society allows, supports, encourages, and breathes the same infectious beliefs as those running what amounts to an Islamic Third Reich in Gaza.

I pose the following questions:

  • Who used (and Heaven help us! uses) the huge supplies of concrete that Israel insanely allowed into Gaza to build a complex system of underground terror tunnels in which to wage war against us, rather than create an infrastructure of schools, hospitals, and homes?
  • Who trains their children from the cradle to detonate themselves in a crowd of Jews, to slice open Jewish throats with daggers, and to assemble Kalashnikovs blindfolded while reciting poetry extolling the virtues of martyrdom, rather than teaching the three “R’s”?
  • Who assembles in the streets of Gaza City to celebrate the murder and mutilation of kidnapped Jews? Who hands out sweets? Who derives nourishment and pathological euphoria when Arabs slaughter Jews?

You speak of mercy. Mercy is a noble trait, one which defines us as a Jewish nation, yet ONLY WHEN the halacha(which you call upon) demands its expression. This point evades you. When we wage war with evil people, the Torah demands the opposite. One critical aspect of this can be found in the dictum, “Ma Hu nikra rachum, af atah heyeh rachum”,-“Just as Hashem is called merciful, so should you be merciful” (Tractate Shabbos, 133b). G-d alone determines what is merciful. Not some liberal distortion of the trait which ignores the existence of evil in the world, and offers terms of mercy to brutal people during the course of a milchemet mitzvah.

Rabbi Landes, you distort unrelated Jewish texts to justify your notion of “purity of arms.” You have astounding chutzpah to bring up the Rambam and his “Laws of Fasts” which have no relevance, similarity, or application to the current situation in Gaza. The former relates to the Jewish need to introspect and utilize the witnessing of acts of destruction in order to repent. It certainly doesn’t abrogate the halachic requirements of Jewish war against hostile enemies, which by their very definition, demand cruelty towards evil people. The proper section of the MishnahTorah (the Rambam’s halachic work) to gain a Torah perspective on how to combat evil people would be the “Laws of Kings and Their Wars.”

What do the Torah and other classical commentators have to say about combatting enemies during the hell of war?

“When you take the field against your enemies, and see horses and chariots-forces larger than yours-have no fear of them, for the L-rd your G-d, who brought you from the land of Egypt, is with you.”- (Deuteronomy 20:1). What is meant by your enemies? Said the Holy One, Blessed be He: Go against them as enemies, just as they do not have mercy upon you, have no mercy on them.”-(Midrash Tanhuma, Shoftim 15.)

What about interfaith dialogue? Or concern for “the other”?

Parshat Mase’ei. “Vehorashtem”- “You shall dispossess all the inhabitants of the land; you shall destroy all their figured objects; you shall destroy all their molten images, and you shall demolish all their cult places. And you shall take possession of the land and settle in it, for I have assigned the land for you to possess. ” (Numbers 33: 52-53)

And then we have the terrible prophecy which warns us of the repercussions of failing to carry out the Divine imperative:

“But if you do not dispossess the inhabitants of the land, those whom you allow to remain shall be stings in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land in which you live; so that I will do to you what I planned to do to them.”(Numbers 33:55-56)

The Ohr HaChaim (Pentateuch commentary of Rabbi Chaim Ben Attar) raises a critical point, lest someone pursue a faulty line of reasoning:

“You must drive out”. Although the verse said of the seven nations “you shall not allow any people to remain alive” (Deut. 20:16) Here, the Torah is talking about other nations found there beside the seven. It therefore was careful to say, “all the lands’ inhabitants,” meaning, even those not of the seven. (Numbers 33:52)

Mercy, compassion, pity: wonderful and necessary Jewish traits; but not for our enemies. Not for ISIS and not for the people of Gaza. History has proven time and again that “Whoever shows mercy when cruelty is warranted, will ultimately become cruel when mercy is warranted ” (Koheleth Rabbah 7:16). The truths of Torah are eternal. Nachmanides warned of the dangers of “turning the other cheek”, which many liberal Jews have mistaken for a Jewish tenet:

“Through the mercy of fools, all justice is lost.” (Deut. 7:15-16)

Noach Didn’t Behave This Way

I am sick of those who distort halacha, quote the Rambam, and in an oft mentioned distortion, grant the Arabs the status of Bnai Noach. First things first: The Arabs are not Bnai Noach! No classical rishon would have applied the term to murderous Arabs. The Rambam’s criteria for Bnai Noach by its very definition cannot be applied to Muslims since in addition to abrogation of the primary commandments (i.e. murder, rape, theft, lawlessness, etc.) they reject the Torah of Am Yisroel, they have their own system of festivals, fasts, and rituals, and most importantly, they have a false prophet. To the uninformed, one who studies the Rambam’s section on wars will be introduced to his perspective on Bnai Noach.

And to assign them the category of “ger toshav” (resident stranger)? Without getting into the very complicated issue of the former halachic category which can in no way be applied to them, let us first address the fact that since they are not Bnai Noach they cannot be “resident strangers.” They are as far from being “resident strangers” under even the most liberal rendering of the halacha, as you and I are from being Muslim. Cite your sources, Rabbi Landes. Who would maintain such a position? Certainly not the same Rambam you chose to cite. Not the Ra’avad, not the Sifrei, or Radak. Who then? Michael Lerner of Tikkun Magazine?

Yet even worse than your distortion of Halacha is your accusation that Israel is cruel, when the ugly truth is that Israel’s leaders have consistently applied the grotesque doctrine of tohar haneshek (purity of the rifle) when fighting these fiends. If Israel’s leaders are cruel, then they are cruel to Jews who were set aside as Rabin’s “sacrifices for peace.” The finest of our people, both young and old, soldier and civilian, were murdered for the idolatry of pseudo-morality. Israel’s leaders created a virtue out of warning the most evil of people on earth (again and again, and not just prior to the first military strike) that we will be bombing them, lest the same civilians who celebrate our deaths, suffer the consequences of a war they started. And when they refuse to vacate the area, Israel in turn refuses our soldiers the necessary fire-cover during combat lest these same “civilians” be killed. Thanks to the ideology of misguided mercy, Israel is incapable of destroying our enemies once and for all.

War is harsh, to be certain. The Torah understood this, and created rules for the application of war. Yet the Torah understands that you must obliterate evil to protect the innocent innocent. The Arabs of Gaza have no one to blame but themselves. And they certainly don’t warrant our mercy. The world is full of gentiles whose plight deserve our sympathy. Look elsewhere. Slavery is alive and well in Sudan and Mauritania, thanks to Muslims. The Muslims of ISIS are crucifying people in 2015 in numbers that stagger the mind. Yet in a sea of suffering you choose to pity the ghouls of Gaza who deserve the same mercy that the allies visited upon Dresden. The notion of tearing kriyah for the people of Gaza is akin to sympathizing with those “civilians” who lived under Hitler and swooned for him in the streets of Berlin.

Shame on you, Rabbi Landes. Shame on your blood libel, inspired by the pornographic lies of B’tzelem who would see us all killed to satisfy their quest for “Palestinian justice.” Shame on you for distorting halacha, for quoting the Rambam out of context, and applying the concept of mercy to those who would slaughter us. Shame on you for humanizing the inhumane, and endangering Jewish lives on a pagan altar of false morality. Shame on you, and shame on The Timesof Israel. Don’t we have enough enemies?

Gaza is a demented tapestry of the worst expressions of Arab barbarism. Far from being cruel to them as thehalacha demands, Israel has shown the most evil people on earth a humanity they do not deserve, since they have shed their connection to anything decent on earth. At such times, the Halacha demands we engage in cruelty lest the innocent bleed. And we will continue to die, since the spiritual disease that ravages your conscience, is the same one shared by our leaders.

In our continuous war with the Arabs, I save my rachmanut solely for the Jewish dead, and the tragedy of martyred Jews whose lives were ripped from them. And why did they lose their lives? For the first time in history it wasn’t because we lacked an army to defend ourselves as was the situation for two thousand years, but rather because we spit at the Divine miracle of a powerful Jewish army whose hands remain shackled.

 Rabbinical Ordination: Not A Get Out Of Jail For Free Card

In our confused age, the term “religious Rabbi” can mean different things: In recent years, a host of pulpit rabbis, prominent poskim, and more than a few pop culture-rabbis and personalities have illustrated that obtaining rabbinical ordination doesn’t preclude one from defiling the Torah, either from personal sins and frailties that become public, or adopting positions that are contrary to Torah. (This is by no means an attack on the vast majority of our holy Torah scholars who sanctify the name of Hashem and spread Torah wisdom across the world.) Yet the examples are there for those who open their eyes and use their intellect to draw obvious conclusions. During Oslo’s tragic birth, there were more than a few learned orthodox Rabbis pushing “Peace Now’s” agenda. Many of them expressed the same kinds of sentiments you saw fit to share.

A Torah committed Jew sheds no tears for the wicked. A G-d fearing person shows no rachmanut for our enemies, either in Gaza or elsewhere. Rabbi Landes, Purim is approaching. May I suggest that you read Parshat Zachor and internalize the eternal lesson of Amalek. Draw the logical conclusions. In Judaism we celebrate the destruction of the wicked. If this displeases you, find another religion. Evidently, your ideology has more in common with Gandhi’s perverse pacifism.

* All Tanach translations were taken from the JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh, 2003

About the Author: Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam’s rational approach to Judaism.

The rot is setting in.

Post removed   Diane Weber Bederman   The Blogs   The Times of IsraelDiane Bederman has just been just contacted by the Times of Israel that her article “We want all of the 6 million Jews and 1 million Arabs to come to Jesus” has been removed. Calev Myers, the man in Israel behind the push to open the Law of Return to Jews for Jesus lodged the complaint. Diane remarks:

I am saddened by this. I stand by all my quotes about Calev Myers in that article.
I believe this speaks to the power of those in Israel who want to legitimize Messianic Jews and change the face of Israel.

As parent living here in Israel I am also saddened and concerned, especially since the voice of our people is being silenced by the power of money suppressing free thought and expression. This not the first time however, that articles and comments have been deleted from the Times of Israel blog.

A similar idiotic position of Rabbi Nathan Cardozo is on the radio show Voice of Israel where insists that we have nothing to fear from missionaries here in Israel. If we were all in the ideal ivory tower world of Rabbi Nathan Cardozo then I suppose we have nothing to fear, however, the vast majority of Jews are not in such a favourable position. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Jews are subject to the wealthy influence/ coercion/ censorship of the messianic/ christian agenda to convert Jews with their Holocaust of Love.

Here is Diane’s article in full below:

Jews and I million Arabs to come to Jesus

February 8, 2015, 11:50 am 8

The majority of Jews in Israel are against proselytizing. They consider it “tantamount to religious harassment.” I know this because the US Department of State Bureau of Democracy,Human Rights and Labor International Religious Freedom Report for 2013 Israel and the Occupied Territories said so. Please note the Americans call Judea/Samaria occupied rather than disputed.

Despite our strongly held views, the Evangelistic ministries like Jews for Jesus are encouraging more proselytizing in Israel.

The “spiritual openness of Israelis to gospel demands that missions to the Jewsmake Israel their No.1 priority.”

God is calling you and me to carry on the legacy of God’s heart for the Jews. We are to acknowledge and seek after the blessing God promises to those who will bless Israel, and to refuse to silence the life-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.”

February 4-6 the Israel Summit Stand Firm, devoted to “ministry among the Jewish people” took place inLoveland, Colorado  with a new mandate “to unite a global fellowship of biblicallysound believers committed to cultivating Messiah-centered relationships that work to bless the inhabitants of Israel and the worldwide Jewish community.”

Calev Myers of JIJ,(Jerusalem Institute of Justice in Israel) and Wayne Hilsden of KKCJ(King of Kings Community, ministry in Jerusalem) “a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community that reveals the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel and the nations” were featured speakers along with other missionaries who are determined to preach to and convert the Jews.

That determination includes fighting the Law of Return in Israel that “provides the right for any Jew, or any child or grandchild of a Jew, to immigrate to Israel from a foreign country with his or her spouse and children…While Jews who are atheists or who state their adherence to other religions are conferred immigration benefits.” I know this because the Americans tell me.

Calev Myers has attempted to change the law because “Messianic Jews are routinely excluded, despite the Supreme Court repeatedly upholding their right to citizenship. Descendants of Jews qualify for immigration under the Law of Return regardless of their religious beliefs.”

In 2009 The Jerusalem Institute of Justice in Conversions and the Religious Gestapo accused Israeli Jews of religious ethnic cleansing.

“Although Israel is a democratic nation, groups which refer to themselves as “anti-missionaries” are freely allowed to advance an agenda of religious-ethnic cleansing in the Jewish homeland.”

Myers accuses Yad L’Achim of “systemic discrimination” and “submitting a list of more than 60 recent converts to Judaism who continue to believe that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah” to the Chief Rabbinate. Myers adds

“Yad L’Achim regularly monitors such individuals through undercover informers. These acts are eerily similar to methods employed by the KGB and the Gestapo…Woe to the tourist who mentions the name of any known Messianic Jew upon their entrance into or out of the country. They are likely to be kicked out of Israel on the first available flight.”

In 2011 when Messianic Jews in Israel were alarmed over a “wave of incitement” ICEJ the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem wrote about “Calev Myers, a prominent Messianic Jewish legal advocate” when he took up the sword and accused Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Ashdod, Yosef Sheinin of and members of Yad L’Achim of “ violating Israeli laws banning incitement to racism and violence.”

Rabbi Sheinin said that unlike in the past, Christians can no longer use blood libels against the Jews and now do it by inventing a new religion – Jewish believers in Jesus. “They want a final solution, [like] what Hitler wanted, but they have no tools of destruction, so they go with the tools of annihilation.”

Myers wrote.

“We believe the day is coming, friends, when Jesus once again will reveal himself to Israel, to the Jewish people.”

He is using Israel’s openness to all people of all faiths against her to promote Messianic Jews. And he turns to the Americans to help him.

Myers, an Israeli citizen, went to the Americans for help in his fight in ISRAEL. They added his appeal to their International Religious Freedom Report for 2013 which says the Ministry of Interior continues “to deny citizenship or deny or delay services such as child registration and issuance of social benefits, identity cards, and passports to some citizens based on their religious beliefs, according to the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, an NGO. This included cases of individuals who immigrated under the Law of Return as Jews but were discovered to hold Messianic or Christian beliefs.” The report states “Messianic Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses were reportedly harassed regularly by Yad L’Achim and Lev L’Achim, Jewish religious organizations opposed to missionary activity and intermarriage.”

Since when does Israel, the Jewish State, need America’s stamp of approval regarding the definition of religious freedom?

Richard Landes, professor of History at Boston University and Director and co-founder of the Center for Millennial Studies emailed the following to me: “Given that the US began as an overwhelmingly Christian nation, and Christianity is a quintessentially missionary faith, it would have been hard for American notions of religious freedom not to have included the right to missionize.

“Since Jews have rarely if ever been a missionary religion (preferring example to preaching as a means to communicate religious values)…it is entirely within the rights and values of a Jewish interpretation of religious freedom not to include the freedom to missionize.

“Given that no other religion has ever held sovereignty in Jerusalem and given all religions the rights and freedoms to practice their religion there, it seems somewhat inappropriate to be giving Israel lectures on the matter. And given that Israel’s Muslim neighbors not only missionize aggressively, but punish with death anyone who tries to convert Muslims and any Muslims who convert, it seems entirely fitting and just that the US should, if it wishes to advance religious freedom on this troubled planet, find another whipping boy than Israel.”

Keep this in mind: Messianic Pastor Avi Mizrachi wants Israel’s entire population to accept and worship Jesus so that all of Israel will be saved. We want all of the 6 million Jews and 1 million Arabs to come to Jesus.

Hear O Israel what they want to do!

Cast The Foreigner Out


“You shall not insult the deaf, or place a stumbling block before the blind. You shall fear your G-d. I am the L-rd.” (Leviticus 19:14)(JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh)

 It’s bad enough that our leaders refuse to protect the Jewish nation from the genocidal Arabs. Equally grotesque is the reality that the same Israeli leadership allows Christian evangelicals/missionaries to run rampant in Eretz Yisrael, because the Likud desires the cash flow of such undesirables. Yet worst of all in this scandal, is the pernicious role that religious Jews have in selling out the Jewish nation. All for the attraction of free gentile labor in Samaria. The portrait is perverse.

Brother has sold brother’s soul for cash.

That is precisely why Yisrael Medad’s recent article Let The Foreigner Come” on Arutz Sheva (a reworking of a previous article written in Hebrew) demands a response. Am Yisrael is in spiritual danger in Eretz Yisrael, and religious Jews are aiding these missionaries. I have written about this topic before. I hate to rehash everything, so in lieu of the former, I am posting several links to my previous posts. The articles and links embedded within these articles reference the work of such resources as Jewish Israel, Tomer Devorah, and Esav Exposed. They are excellent starting points for anyone who desires to know what is going on. (The comments are also very telling.) My articles are a humble attempt to process their work and present it to the reader:

Of late, Jewish supporters of evangelical aid have embarked on a campaign to gain rabbinic approval for Tommy Waller’s Hayovel Ministry. Naturally, when they introduce Waller to these rabbonim, they present a doctored history to make him look kosher. Baruch Hashem, the tide is turning. Anti-missionary experts are meeting with some of these rabbis and providing the evidence that was withheld from them. Many rabbonim are now seeing the problem in the right light for the first time, and they are outraged by this deception. With G-d’s help the true nature of “Brother Esau’s” intent will soon become widely known.

Yet for this to happen, it is critical that Torah committed Jews follow up with concrete actions, by apprising their local rabbis and community leaders of this terrible spiritual onslaught, and demanding action. Apathy and laziness are the villains. This cannot be left to the “experts” who are already up to their necks trying to sound the alarm. The message must get out!

A few words on Medad’s recent article:

Fallacy #1: He prefaces his article by noting that Christians are “assisting” Jews.

 My Response: Assistance? I categorically reject this term. If one economically “assists” Jewish farmers with free labor, but endangers them spiritually by planting roots in Eretz Yisrael, co-opting our exclusive heritage as part of a new “shared heritage” and by bringing the evangelical belief of “restoration” to Jews, no Torah Jew could honestly argue that this is assistance. One would have to ignore the evidence, including Tommy Waller’s own infamous words about bringing “this Jesus that we know” to Jews, to reach such a conclusion. I don’t see how this qualifies as assistance.

Fallacy #2: The notion that assistance from evangelicals is a fulfillment of Torah prophecies. Medad writes:

“At the present, the help is being expressed at the highest levels in the corridors of governments, foreign ministries, Houses of Parliament and Congresses and on the ground, literally, in acts of voluntary labor in the vineyards and orchards in the hills of Judea and Samaria, and, in the words of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed:

“In modern times, we have witnessed increased support for Israel among evangelical Christians…They see with their own eyes how the Jewish people is returning to its land after its awful, two-thousand-year-long exile, and is creating a prosperous country. They see new settlements and vineyards flowering in the very areas described by the Bible, and they are excited by our miraculous return to Zion. They are overwhelmed by the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies of the prophets of Israel… “Christians fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah,” September 18, 2013.

The following verses are also used as “proof”:

Do our own Biblical, Talmudic and Rabbinic sources contain relevant material that we can consult to provide us insights? King Solomon was sympathetic and considerate:”

“Moreover concerning the stranger that is not of Thy people Israel, when he shall come out of a far country for Thy name’s sake– for they shall hear of Thy great name, and of Thy mighty hand, and of Thine outstretched arm–when he shall come and pray toward this house; hear Thou in heaven Thy dwelling-place, and do according to all that the stranger called to Thee for; that all the peoples of the earth may know Thy name, to fear Thee, as doth Thy people Israel, and that they may know that Thy name is called upon this house which I have built.” (I Kings 8:41-43).

My response: The fact that “help is being expressed” among high government officials and entities isn’t surprising, nor should it be seen as a positive development. What can I say? They are sick. In the past, Israeli governments armed and funded Fatah. Today our own government perpetuates the insane path of Oslo, hardly role models for sane behavior.

Regarding the evangelical threat, naturally, there are individuals in governments abroad and at home who desire evangelical aid. The Likud’s Danny Dannon has a vested interest in a close relationship with evangelicals. Netanyahu cultivates and praises the relationship with CUFI (Christians United for Israel) because he has a bankrupt notion of Judaism’s spiritual mission and because they give Israel ridiculous sums of money. When you consider his track record it makes sense. Our Prime Minister refuses to protect the Jewish body, so why should the ephemeral, perplexing “Jewish soul” concern him, when billions of tangible dollars are at stake?

A theme threads throughout the many convoluted attempts to justify working with evangelicals by citing biblical verses and forcing interpretations into the text. It relates to the fundamental Torah understanding of the Written Law through the Oral Law’s interpretation, a fundamental tenet that every Torah Jew believes; since so many concepts in TaNaCh are literally devoid of information in the absence of our divine Oral Code. We could not keep Shabbat or perform ritual shechitah without the Oral Law.Words can often not be defined without the code of the Oral Law.Examples:“An eye for an eye.” The numerous uses of the term “ger” that can be found in the Torah and a host of other Hebrew verses/terms that cannot be understood without the Oral Law.

The Oral Law explains that while there is a philosophical notion of “an eye for an eye” relating to general justice, from a halachic perspective, we Jews never popped out an eye as punishment for the loss of one. Torah committed Jews adhere to the Written and Oral Law. The use of one without the other is foreign to fundamental Torah concepts. Verses and concepts from Tanach without the articulation of the Oral Law, cannot explain the cryptic words of the prophets. This is precisely the tactics missionaries use to convert Jews.

john-hagee-jonathan-feldsteinThe Jewish Moshiach will not come by misreading Jewish texts and applying them to those who don’t satisfy the criteria, nor will it actualize itself by such hostile groups strengthening their own skewed beliefs rather than drawing closer to Hashem. In short, the verses he cites from I Kings 8:41-43 were clearly NOT referring to evangelicals who call out in the name of Jesus!

Nor can the verses of Isaiah 61: 1-5 where the “strangers” stand and pasture our flocks, and “aliens” act as our plowmen and vine-trimmers refer to evangelical missionaries who believe they are witnesses to the “Second Coming.” Ironically, the next verse (verse 6) concludes by noting that “you shall enjoy the wealth of nations And revel in their riches.” It is hard to accept that this prophecy has materialized when most hard-working middle class Israelis struggle each month just to stay out of the “red.” Not to mention the undignified behavior of the State of Israel who grovels before the United States for foreign aid.

Finally, the quoting of Zechariah 8:20-22 as another proof text to equate the nation which will come to Jerusalem to pray to Hashem is clearly not referring to those who continue to worship and believe in their role as witnesses to “that man.” The classical Jewish commentators agree that those who come to Jerusalem are motivated by truth and to learn from Am Yisrael about the One true G-d.

Critical Point #1: The “foreigner” of the Torah (whoever he may be) is not a missionary!

Critical Point #2: The “foreigner” desires to come closer to Hashem!

Frum Messianic Fervor Gone Amuck

The desire to see halachically prohibited evangelical volunteerism as proof of the fulfillment of biblical prophecies is not only a distortion of holy texts but a form of false messianism. Please refer to the article “Jumping The Geula Gun”, from Jewish Israel’s Rabbi Sholom Gold, for an articulate formulation of the spiritual dangers inherent in such actions. Throughout Jewish history, the end result of unrestrained zealous messianic fervor is that Jewish neshamos are endangered. In a perverse irony, Jews have adopted the same distortions of our Torah that missionaries use. They have become masters of evangelical language and ideology. While they claim that no one has yet been proselytized, they are Exhibit A of the kind of effect evangelicals have had on them!

Gentile Residence In Israel

The Rambam is clear about which gentiles may reside in Eretz Yisrael. Assuming that the situation is one where Jews fit the criteria as being stronger than the gentiles, only those gentiles who meet the following criteria can reside in the land: a) adherence of the 7 Noachide law b) acceptance of “tribute and servitude” c) obtaining the status of ger toshav (resident stranger) in front of a Jewish court during a time of yovel (jubilee).

ט[ו] אֵין כָּל הַדְּבָרִים הָאֵלּוּ אֲמוּרִים, אֵלָא בִּזְמָן שֶׁגָּלוּ יִשְׂרָאֵל לְבֵין הָאֻמּוֹת, אוֹ בִּזְמָן שֶׁיַּד הַגּוֹיִים תַּקִּיפָה. אֲבָל בִּזְמָן שֶׁיַּד יִשְׂרָאֵל תַּקִּיפָה עַל אֻמּוֹת הָעוֹלָם, אָסוּר לָנוּ לְהַנִּיחַ גּוֹי עוֹבֵד עֲבוֹדָה זָרָה בֵּינֵינוּ; אַפִלּוּ יוֹשֵׁב יְשִׁיבַת עֲרַאי, אוֹ עוֹבֵר מִמָּקוֹם לְמָקוֹם לִסְחוֹרָה, לֹא יַעֲבֹר בְּאַרְצֵנוּ, עַד שֶׁיְּקַבַּל עָלָיו שֶׁבַע מִצְווֹת שֶׁנִּצְטַוּוּ בְּנֵי נוֹחַ–שֶׁנֶּאֱמָר “לֹא יֵשְׁבוּ בְּאַרְצְךָ” (שמותכג,לג), אַפִלּוּ לְפִי שָׁעָה. וְאִם קִבַּל עָלָיו שֶׁבַע מִצְווֹת, הֲרֵי זֶה גֵּר תּוֹשָׁב. וְאֵין מְקַבְּלִין גֵּר תּוֹשָׁב, אֵלָא בִּזְמָן שֶׁהַיּוֹבֵל נוֹהֵג; אֲבָל שֶׁלֹּא בִּזְמָן הַיּוֹבֵל, אֵין מְקַבְּלִין אֵלָא גֵּר צֶדֶק בִּלְבָד. (Machon Mamre Online Mishne Torah)

“All the above is only applicable when we are in exile or among the when the nations are mightier than Israel, but when Israel is mightier than they, we are forbidden to leave non-Jews among us. Even for a non-Jew to live temporarily in Eretz Yisrael or just to pass through on business is forbidden unless he undertakes the seven Noachide Laws……And if he undertakes them he is a ger toshav (resident stranger). We do not accept a ger toshav except when the Jubilee year is operative. At other times, we accept only real converts.” (Hilchot Avodah Zara V’chukot Hagoyim) “Uncensored Versions” of the Rambam.

The Rambam adds that they must also accept “tribute and servitude.” One without the other is insufficient. Other commentators who agreed: Sifri, Redak, and Sefer Hachinuch.

א-אֵין עוֹשִׂין מִלְחָמָה עִם אָדָם בָּעוֹלָם, עַד שֶׁקּוֹרְאִין לוֹ לְשָׁלוֹם–אֶחָד מִלְחֶמֶת הָרְשׁוּת, וְאֶחָד מִלְחֶמֶת מִצְוָה: שֶׁנֶּאֱמָר “כִּי-תִקְרַב אֶל-עִיר, לְהִלָּחֵם עָלֶיהָ–וְקָרָאתָ אֵלֶיהָ, לְשָׁלוֹם” (דבריםכ,י). אִם הִשְׁלִימוּ, וְקִבְּלוּ שֶׁבַע מִצְווֹת שֶׁנִּצְטַוּוּ בְּנֵי נוֹחַ עֲלֵיהֶן–אֵין הוֹרְגִין מֵהֶן נְשָׁמָה; וַהֲרֵי הֶן לַמַּס, שֶׁנֶּאֱמָר “יִהְיוּ לְךָ לָמַס–וַעֲבָדוּךָ” דבריםכ,יא).(Machon Mamre Online Mishne Torah)

The Ra’avad takes a lenient position, although he essentially agrees with the Rambam that we don’t accept resident strangers today. He parts ways from the Rambam regarding non-idolatrous foreigners residing in the land. Even in the absence of accepting the Laws of Noah in the presence of a court of Israel, the Ra’avad would permit their presence. Regardless of how one defines “resident stranger,” Hayovel’s Ministry clearly doesn’t meet the criteria. Nor do the“nochri” or “foreigner” of prophetic verses refer to missionaries. They are not calling out in the name of Hashem. They are calling out in the name of another.

Fallacy # 3: The justification that working with evangelicals is the equivalent of teaching gentiles the truths of yahadut.An oft mentioned sentiment. On the contrary, evangelicals are bringing their beliefs to Israel and planting them in Jewish camps. Furthermore, when they go on field trips across Eretz Yisroel,Hayovel’s own guides are notorious missionaries. So not only are they adversely affecting Jews spiritually, they are also cultivating their own ideological beliefs. The argument that they are being brought closer to Hashem is false.

Fallacy #4: The fundamental problem: The dissemination of the myth that the Hayovel Ministry is not a missionary organization. Medad notes the following:

“What is evident is that the foreigner is not to be rejected outright but to be encouraged to come closer and that as the redemption proceeds, there are various stages and, to me, our task is to begin to realign ourselves and to understand that outright opposition to any and         all relationships is wrong. Vigilance is still required.”

For example, there are those who promote this illogical approach among Christians who  purport to be pro-Israel:

We must come to fully understand that the following of Yeshua is the only true and proper extension of Israel spiritually, fulfilled through His life, sacrifice and resurrection, and that   Christianity is Jewish. As hard as this maybe for Jewish people and even Christians to understand, if they do not accept Messiah, they like everyone else remain under the curse of sin; that current Judaism whether religious or reformed has no hope for Israel spiritually, except to keep them until their appointed time of awakening, which we know must come before Yeshua returns to us…God is not finished with Israel who must come into an awakening and that along with the church, Israel’s priesthood will be re-established when Yeshua returns.

He concludes:

Dangers exist but I still maintain that matters have altered and in fact, the true message of the Bible is being understood by Christians that delve into the realization of the essence of the Prophets in witnessing Israel’s successes today. Jews are not released from the need to be able to refute such illogical theology and I am amazed that many Rabbis opposed to the volunteers are uninterested in educating our youth in this sphere, unlike my own experience.”

My response: By his own admission, those who are hostile have no place in Israel. The problem lies with the consistent refusal to address the plethora of evidence proving Hayovel’s culpability. As such, an admission of theoretical hostile groups is irrelevant. He concludes:

“True, as we witness, not all of the “foreigners,” the non-Jews, those among the pro-Zionist Christians, are of this frame of mind. There are those, perhaps, who are need be encouraged in their process if they so wish, while others, who seek to cause us to stray from our path, must be identified and kept at bay. What is to be recognized and dealt with is that there is the existence of those who ‘come’ which cannot be denied, or, indeed, ignored. And their volunteer work is part of the era of the redemption.”

CantorMy Response: If by redemption, he means the coming of the true Jewish Mashiach (a man and not a pagan human deity!), then nothing can be further from truth. Rather than bringing the knowledge of the One true G-d to the world, those who assist Hayovel are endangering Am Yisrael. The ramifications will Heaven Forbid see the tenets of evangelical Christianity make their way into religious Jewish communities. Evangelicals in Hayovel have already adopted the dress, language, and clothing – even tzitzit for men and mitpachot (hair coverings) for women – of their religious neighbors. They engage in Jewish prayers at the crack of dawn, and say the Almighty’s name, even as they remain completely committed to bringing Jesus into the camp of Am Yisrael.

This is nothing less than spiritual warfare. Missionaries have penetrated a barrier that was closed to to them. The religious jew was always shielded from the worst of the missionary efforts. Until now, they never had a foothold into such a closed world. Today, Brother Esau is sleeping in the Jewish camp. He has set up his tents and is ready to break ground and build something permanent. One prominent Rabbi even gave his personal seal of kashrut and welcomed “the hunter” with open arms – all in the name of ”redemption!”

Here I make a personal plea to fellow Jews: Help protect Am Yisrael from this spreading contagion. This is an issue of shmad! This is not a kiruv movement to save Christians as some would define it. On the contrary. Those who are aiding Hayovel are being egregiously impacted upon, since they cannot see what Tommy Waller has already stated outright:

“As we’re working with these people, we’ll be able to share with them this…this Jesus that we know.”

And for those who would argue that Waller and his Hayovel Ministry have undertaken t’shuva, the following video from Hayovel Representative Luke Hilton exposes this. Mind you, this is not from a minor player, but from a prominent personality in the movement. They believe they are witnesses for Jesus. It is interesting to note, and very telling, that Hayovel quickly pulled this video from their site. It was more akin to their earlier videos in the past when they were still getting started. In other words, they screwed up. Fortunately, we have the video as yet another proof that they are the same old Hayovel Ministry. Nothing has changed.

Righteous gentiles or crafty “witnessing” Christian missionaries? You decide. It is clear to me that Hayovel is comparable to Fatah, in the manner that Jews for Jesus is comparable to Hamas. The former are more dangerous, because unlike Hamas, our own camp thinks that we can make peace with them. It’s time to wake up. What we are seeing now is only the beginning. Future governments will surely reward evangelical missionaries by giving them the status of “righteous gentiles” and granting them citizenship as reward for their volunteerism. Some of the bolder ones from Hayovel will deceptively put themselves through false conversions to further infiltrate Jewish communities. And Am Yisrael will continue to bleed to death, a physical death from the Arabs, and a spiritual slaughter from the lethal blows of Christian missionaries, to the core of the Jewish neshama.

Hashem Yerachem!


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