Jerusalem Education Gathering Held in a Hall Used by Missionaries

Jerusalem Education Gathering Held in a Hall Used by Missionaries

(Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 08:30 PM)

benSchool principals were invited to a Jerusalem district kenos to take place on Tuesday, 12 Kislev. However, many of the invited participants did not attend as it was learned the Pavilion Hall hosting the event usually serves as a missionary base.

Officials in Bennett’s office explained the kenos was on a district level and has nothing to do with the ministry. Kippa News turned to Jerusalem district officials for a response, and were told “The Pavilion Hall in the Klall Building has a badatz hashgacha, has been used numerous times by Shas and previous conferences were held there as well”.

Yad L’Achim officials’ turned to Education Minister Naftali Bennett to change the venue. Following questions from a number of persons wishing to attend, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner Shlita announced one may not participate in a kenos at the venue, since it is used by missionaries. He called on participants not to attend.

Missionary activity is not illegal in Israel except when a financial incentive is offered or when approaching minors under the age of eighteen. Organizations therefore attempt it openly. Many missionaries are of Jewish origin, including Avi Mizrachi, an Israeli-born “Messianic” in Tel Aviv. He does not merely have his own congregation; he also runs the Dugit Messianic Outreach Center in Tel Aviv, where free coffee and entertainment are offered, mostly to secular youth. The trained staff is more than happy to share their faith.

In Jerusalem, the Clal building where the Pavilion is located, at 97 Jaffa Road, is headquarters for missionary groups. King of Kings Ministries has an office on the 14th floor along with a “prayer tower,” and on the bottom floor is Café Forte. There had been on-and-off controversies about its hechsher in the past, but it currently has a Jerusalem Rabbinate kosher certification. Nonetheless, whoever patronizes this café is helping support the missionary effort.

More information about other missionary activity Israel may be found here.

Douce France

Hugh Fitzgerald: Douce France

[Editor’s note: Hugh Fitzgerald first published this essay here at Jihad Watch in 2004. Now, in light of the recent jihad attacks in Paris and ongoing threats to France from the Islamic State, it is more germane than ever, and hence eminently worthy of republishing. The names of the politicians have changed; the overall situation is the same.]

Eiffel Tower

Imagine that you are a cosseted member of the French elite. One child is doing the khâgne, aiming for rue d’Ulm. Another is now a politechnicien. You are very comfortable, working for the state. You and your spouse are journalists, or writers, or one of that vast tribe of people conducting “recherches,” and life is comfortable, good, the way it should be. Yes, you do notice more and more Muslims about you as you walk, no longer in the banlieues, but in the center of Paris, or Toulouse, or Lyon. And you remember how uneasy you felt, four years ago, when you happened to be walking on the Canebière in Marseille. You decided, then and there, that you would not return.

And you have friends who live in the south. And they tell you that the beurs — some call them maghrébins — make life hell for everyone. They attack French children on the way to school. They vandalize cars. They threaten, and do more than threaten, anyone who is still foolish enough to walk out wearing a kippah or a cross. Whole areas of cities in the south, as in the north, and east, and west, have become off-limits to non-Muslims. In the schools, the teachers have lost authority. They cannot even cover the subjects of World War II, the Resistance, and the murders of the Jews as the state prescribes; they fear, with reason, the violent reaction of the Muslim students.

And as the schools become more and more dangerous for non-Muslim students and teachers, with more time and resources devoted to discipline rather than to learning, French parents and would-be parents are now silently factoring into their childbearing plans the present value of the future cost of what, they see, will now have to be added: private school tuition. And that means, of course, that those French people will plan on smaller families. And they will also be factoring in the growing cost, paid by them, those French taxpayers, for the whole expanding edifice of security, the guards in the schools, the guards at the train stations and métro stations and airports and at government buildings everywhere, the costs of keeping the gravestones from being vandalized, the costs of protecting the synagogues and the churches, the costs for all those tapped phones and agents in mosques, and subsidies to lawyers and judges to hear charges and try cases against Muslims, and the costs of monitoring da’wa in the prisons (more than 50% Muslim).

But the Muslims are indifferent to expenses incurred by the French state. France is part of the world; the world belongs to Allah, and to his Believers. That doctrine has remained immutable for 1400 years. Imam Bouziane, the one they keep trying to deport, had 16 children by two wives, all living on the French state: a representative Muslim man. Over time, the difference between average family size of Muslims and non-Muslims steadily increases. And, over time, the education system continues to disintegrate. Right now, perhaps, you cannot see it. Your children go to the best schools, followed by the best lycées. You vacation in Normandy, or Brittany, or the Île de Ré. And you do not take the metro often enough, or walk in the right districts, or work in the right factories or offices, to understand what tens of millions of your fellow Frenchmen now have to endure. You, for the moment, are still immune, still willfully unaware. You have spent the last few decades learning about the Muslim world from Eric Rouleau, and his epigones (after they silenced Peroncel-Hugoz, the one journalist who reported the truth) in Le Monde. You are deeply-versed in the constantly reported-upon, endlessly dilated-upon, perfidy of the mighty empire of Israel. You know what we have all had dinned into us: that the Arab Muslims are reasonable people, with clearly-justified grievances, grievances so reasonable and so limited in scope, that justice demands they be satisfied. Everyone agrees on the “solution.” It is called a “two-state solution” and of course it is a “solution” for otherwise, of course, it would not have been called a “solution.”

And everything looks the way it always has looked: the linden trees, the river, the bridges, the réverbères, the étalage in the neighborhood boulangerie. Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance. At the end of the school day, chic mothers still congregate in little towns, or small cities, outside the school — this or that Ecole Jules Ferry — waiting to pick up their children. Here come the littlest ones, from Maternelle, running up now — just look at how small they are. And here are the CE1 group, with those huge cartables on their tiny backs. Run, run, run, to Mommy. Oop-la. And then the years of study, study, study marked by ever-larger cahiers — “cahier” and “cartable” are the words that identify French DNA better than Piaf or gauloises, isn’t that true? And now we will read the books, and study the subjects, set down so completely and precisely by the Ministry of Education. And now we are up to the final year, preparing for the Bac, with copies of blue-backed BALISES, guides to Les Châtiments and La Peau de Chagrin. And just look at the results listed in the newspaper: Claire-Alix has a mention très bien. Fantastic. Everything is fine, everything will always stay the same, whole countries cannot change. It’s not possible.

But it is changing, coming apart, quietly, slowly – let’s not look too closely, we mustn’t pay too much attention — the streets, the schools, the hospitals, the ability to speak the truth about things, about life as it is lived, la vita vissuta, as they like to say in a neighboring country. Dominique de Villepin always knew there was nothing to worry about; he was born, after all, in Salé, next to Rabat, even spent a few years of his infancy there; of course he knows his Arabs, his Muslims. And surely Eric Rouleau, who for decades in Le Monde was the resident expert on the Middle East (he was so knowledgeable that he never had to so much as mention the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunna), surely he knew everything, didn’t he? And those French translations of Edward Said that denounced with such passion the Islamophobia, and those vicious cliches with which the blind and rotting West has always caricatured the Arab Muslim world. Oh, we have been so terrible to the Arabs, we colonialists, we French, we Westerners. And then there is the never-ending outrage of Israel, that running colonial sore. Of course, they have every right, those Muslims, to come here to France. We went to their countries once, now they come to ours. And they have every right to hate us, don’t they?

So now we have decided not to understand, and to cut all ties of sympathy to, Israel — and how did we ever have any sympathy for it in the first place, the way some of our parents did back in 1948 or 1956 or 1967? How could they not have seen what the “Palestinian people” had to endure? Hanan, Yasser, Said, Saeb, Aziz, Walid, Rashid, Mohammed — you have won our hearts and minds. Take us, do with us what you will.

No one will mention what is happening or what kinds of things we must begin to think about doing to save ourselves. No one of any decency. And whatever Le Pen and Megret say, we must say the opposite (except, of course, when they show their hostility to “the Jews”). Do not say those things, do not think them. Free thought is all very well in theory, but really — consider the consequences. Don’t dare to think outside that box brimming with idées reçues. Défense de penser au dehors du box.

No, everything will be all right as you stroll down the Avenue Paule-Anne. Those Muslims will never be a match for us. Why, just look at those legionnaires marching à pas lent down the Champs-Elysées, think of that string of desert victories. Inside our heads, it is 1930 and over here is the Exposition coloniale. You remember, tu t’en souviens, that painting by le Douanier Rousseau, don’t you, with the burnoosed Arab standing next to the black Senegalese? I have it right, don’t I? France will always be France. Nothing will ever change.

At a certain point, and despite everything that causes you not to see what is staring you in the face, you realize that something has gone irreparably wrong with your country, and you, and your children, are in danger of losing that country, down to every village and house, qui m’est une province et beaucoup davantage. And you do not know what to do, or how to explain this feeling to others, or in whom to confide your secret fears, or what can be done. It is so confusing, and so upsetting. You cannot vote for Le Pen. You cannot endorse “cowboy” Bush or those ridiculous Americans. You have no place to go.

And then you learn what Jacques Chirac — who now has a Muslim grandchild himself — and Dominique de Villepin, do not wish you to learn. For if you did, you might be very angry. You discover that 1 out of every 3 babies born in France today is a Muslim baby. And that means, in 20 years, one of every three 20-year-olds in France will be a Muslim twenty-year-old. And that means, twenty years after that, at present rates of reproduction, France will have a majority Muslim population. Where shall we hide the statues from Marly-le-roi? And the Venus de Milo? And what about all those paintings of animated life — all those portraits in the Louvre, and the Grand Palais, and the Musée Guimet down there in linden-lined Aix, and everywhere else in art-filled artful France, mère des arts, des armes, et des loix — that are absolutely forbidden according to the immutable strictures of the Qur’an. Should they be sent for safekeeping to those Americans across the seas? By then most of the Jews in France will have left, gone across the oceans for their own safekeeping, to Israel or to English-speaking Canada (they were worried about the Muslim population of Quebec, you see, which had been allowed to grow under the Province of Quebec’s policy of encouraging francophone immigrants, preferring North Africans to potential immigrants from Italy, Greece, Spain), and above all, to America. What luck those Americans have had. No more bequests to France by the likes of the Rothschilds, or Nissim Camondo. No more Donations from another Pierre Lévy. Enjoy the Kufic calligraphy; some find it endlessly fascinating.

For the moment, you allow yourself to believe that something will come up. Most likely, all those Muslims will simply convert. I mean, they do that, don’t they, quite easily I’m told. Of course, why didn’t I think of it, that is exactly what will happen. The situation is always saved in time. Just like during the war. Nothing to worry about. Nothing.

If France Was Israel, The World Would Respond Like This

By Baruch Gordon

11/16/2015, 8:11 PM

This just in:
The United Nations is calling on France to please SHOW RESTRAINT.
There are way more casualties on the ISIS side than the French people who died.
The UN is having emergency meetings to call for SANCTIONS against France for responding way out of proportion and escalating the violence. ISIS never used planes or bombs! This cannot be overlooked. The world is watching carefully.

France’s disproportionate response is escalating the violence to an all new level and is responsible for upsetting the entire Muslim world causing many of them to reconsider their long standing commitment to peace and tolerance of the infidels.

France is only allowed to send a maximum of EIGHT SUICIDE BOMBERS into ISIS.

We beseech the French people to please immediately stop escalating the violence against ISIS and the innocent women and children whose lives are being disrupted, and to only target the individual soldiers who actually perpetrated the terrorist activities in France.

The UN spokesman said: “The world will not tolerate the French response of “collective punishment” which hurt many innocent lives who were no where near Paris during the attacks!”

Furthermore, we urge the world to understand that if ISIS had their own country, then they would never need to resort to this kind of violence which goes against their nature.

The UN also came out with a proclamation that in no way should this attack cause the world to look negatively at the many members of ISIS who are peaceful. Certainly this has nothing to do with the other Arabs and Muslims who believe in peace and love for all mankind.

Harvard University released a statement: “The calls throughout the Arab Muslim world of “death to all infidels” need to be taken with a grain of salt. The celebrations in the Arab streets when innocent infidels are murdered only come from the frustration they have from never being given a fair chance by the infidels to join in the success of the rest of the world. Besides, the real cause for the attacks is obviously Israel. If Israel would just end the occupation of Palestine and give their land to the Palestinians, none of this would have ever happened.”

The UN demands that France immediately comes to the negotiating table to work out their differences and find a peaceful settlement!

This just in:

ISIS is willing to end the cycle of violence and make peace with France if France only gives them HALF OF PARIS!

The United States is sending Mr. Kerry to meet with representatives of BOTH SIDES and urges France to show restraint until the final peaceful resolution of dividing Paris is signed by both sides. He feels cautiously optimistic that France can have the peace it deserves, by finally showing restraint and ending the cycle of violence and committing to working together with ISIS on a peaceful resolution that will finally end the French policies that have caused ISIS so much pain.

Police Fired Nearly 5 000 Bullets in Saint Denis Terror Raid  Prosecutor Says   ABC News

Our World: France’s war against the Jews

Our World: France’s war against the Jews

Tue, 20 Oct 2015, 10:47 PM
 Photo by: REUTERS

France’s plan to use its position at the UN Security Council to bring about the deployment of international monitors to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has been condemned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers as biased, unhelpful and detached from reality.

Certainly it is all those things. But France’s decision to use its diplomatic position to advance a plan which if implemented would end Israeli sovereignty over Judaism’s holiest site is first and foremost a French act of aggression against the Jewish state.

Contrary to what the French government would have us believe, France’s Temple Mount gambit is not an effort to quell the violence. French protestations of concern over the loss of life in the current tempest of Palestinian terrorism ring hollow.

France doesn’t really oppose Palestinian terrorism.

To the contrary, it facilitates it.

Every year, the French government pays millions of euros, dollars and shekels to Palestinian NGOs whose stated goal is to destroy Israel. Through its NGO agents, France finances the radicalization of Palestinian society. This French-financed radicalization makes Palestinian terrorism inevitable.

Much of the current rhetoric used by the Palestinians to reject Israel’s legitimacy and justify violence against Jews is found in strategic documents that France paid Palestinian NGOs to write.

According to NGO Monitor, between 2010 and 2013, France gave $6.5 million to a consortium of Palestinian NGOs called the NGO Development Center. It paid for the NDC to put together a strategic plan to advance its members’ goals. That French-initiated and financed document includes a list of activities not aimed at promoting peace, enhancing the daily lives of Palestinians, or expanding economic growth.

After the horrific attack in Paris, some Parisisnas are still tolerant!!

After the horrific attack in Paris, some Parisians are still tolerant!!

Rather, the French-financed strategic planning document provides a list of activities that the NGOs will undertake to delegitimize and criminalize Israel and ensure that Palestinians hate the Jewish state and view it as the cause of all their suffering.

The paper called for “Establish[ing] monitoring databases by relevant NGOs on sectoral issues and themes (expansion of colonies, [i.e. Israeli neighborhoods and towns beyond the 1949 armistice lines,] construction of Separation and Annexation Wall, Gaza siege, Jerusalem, house demolitions and evictions, water resources, environment, political prisoners, etc.)”; “Implement[ing] and disseminat[ing] in depth thematic studies about Israeli violations of human rights in the occupied territories”; “Development of a unified NGO strategy for international advocacy.”

A 2008 NDC document required all member groups to ban all “normalization activities with the occupier, [both] at the political-security [and] the cultural [and] developmental levels.”

The document went on to call for Israel to be destroyed. No action on the part of any Palestinian entity can be carried out it said, “if it undermines the inalienable Palestinian rights of establishing statehood and the return of refugees to their original homes,” that is, the immigration of millions of foreign-born Arabs to the ruins of Israel.

The “international advocacy” referred to in the document includes lobbying foreign governments and societies to wage economic war against Israel. To this end, for instance, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee, which has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the French government, uses racist language to demonize Jews and Israel by among other things assaulting the so-called “Judaization of Jerusalem” and attacking Palestinians who work with Israeli companies.

In 2011, PARC sabotaged a trade delegation in France comprised of Israeli and Gazan farmers organized by Agrexco, Israel’s main exporter of agricultural products. Rather than welcome Israel’s actions on behalf of Gaza farmers, PAR C organized a boycott of the delegation – causing direct harm to Gazan farmers.

In its press release following its action, the beneficiary of French government financing wrote, “PARC salutes all activists and international supporters for the BDS campaign and especially our French friends and partners who were able to frustrate the Agrexco attempt to conduct a joint press conference with a few exploited Palestinian producers.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, but these are not the actions that peaceful groups interested in a non-violent, peaceful resolution of the Palestinian conflict with Israel undertake. By paying these groups to carry out these sorts of activities, the French government has made clear that far from seeking to advance the cause of peace, its actual goal is to block all prospects of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

These sorts of actions are the norm, rather than the exception in France’s treatment of Israel. And France makes no bones about its hostility toward the Jewish state.

On December 2, 2014, barely a week after two jihadists from Jerusalem butchered like sheep four rabbis in prayer at a synagogue in the city and murdered a policeman who tried to rescue them, the French parliament recognized the non-existent “State of Palestine.”

That Islamic State-styled massacre was part of a larger Islamic terrorism offensive against Jews in Jerusalem that was incited by the leaders of “Palestine.”

Just as it does today, last fall the Palestinian Authority, led by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, spread the lie that Israel was planning to destroy the mosques on the Temple Mount and called on the Palestinians to attack Jews.

The French government’s policies on the ground in Israel and the PA are a natural complement to its anti-Jewish policies at home.

Whereas France seek to reward Islamic terrorists on the international stage by helping them to weaken the Jewish state, back home the French government is willing to place its own Jewish community at risk in order to pretend that Islamic terrorism doesn’t exist.

Since Jews are among the top targets for French jihadists, the French government’s policy of refusing to acknowledge or combat Islamic extremism and violence in France is an anti-Jewish policy.

Last January, in the wake of the jihadist massacre at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris, which had followed the massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine, French President Francois Hollande refused to acknowledge that the murderous violence was rooted in Islam. To the contrary, Hollande perversely insisted, “These terrorists and fanatics have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.”

In a further act of hostility toward the grieving Jewish community, two days after the massacres Hollande told Netanyahu to stay away from Paris and not participate in his solidarity march with the victims of the attacks.

When Netanyahu insisted on participating in the march anyway, Hollande invited Mahmoud Abbas to participate as well, despite his direct sponsorship of anti-Jewish terrorism.

French authorities tried to push Netanyahu to the second row of marchers to prevent anyone from seeing him. Ahead of the march, they left him exposed, in an unsafe area, where his life was in danger every second, as he waited for a bus to pick him up and take him to the event.

In the evening after the march, Hollande refused to appear with Netanyahu at the memorial ceremony for the victims of the Hyper Cacher massacre. In a tangible snub, Hollande left the synagogue where it was being held before Netanyahu arrived.

In the nine months since the attacks, rather than go after the Islamic communities of France that infect their members with Nazi-like Jew hatred marinated in Koranic dispensations for murder, French authorities have forced French Jewry to live under lock and key. Jewish communal institutions are required to shoulder astronomical security costs as their buildings have come to look more like military garrisons than elementary schools and synagogues.

As a French professor writing under the pen name Alain El-Mouchain explained this month in Mosaic Magazine, the French government’s “refusal to identify either the culprits [of anti-Semitic violence] or their [Jewish] victims by their proper names… has perversely combined with the swift posting of police and military guards at Jewish institutions to make Jews feel that at best they have become ‘protected citizens’ in their own country, reinforcing the idea that they are no longer at home in France but are rather a new kind of dhimmi [a minority group that lives at the pleasure of the ruling Muslims].”

In rejecting France’s bid to destroy Israel’s sovereignty over the Temple Mount, Netanyahu and his ministers have all noted that such a position will do nothing to protect the Temple Mount or guarantee freedom of religion. Only Israeli control of the holy site, Netanyahu explained, protects members of all faiths.

Again, while their statements are correct, they miss the point. It isn’t that France is doing nothing to ensure freedom of religion. Through its actions, France has shown that it isn’t even vaguely interested in promoting freedom and peace. The policy of the French government, revealed yet again by its bid to end Israeli control of the Temple Mount, is to delegitimize Israel and curry the favor of jihadists at the expense of the Jews of Israel and of France alike.

Missionary Joel Rosenberg Headlines Jerusalem Leaders Summit

Joel Rosenberg a missionary leader who actively encourages the conversion of Jews in Israel and the Diaspora, made banner headlines in the Jerusalem Post online edition on November 5th 2015.  The report Evangelical strategist sees Iran as bigger world threat than Islamic State” was penned by columnist Daniel K. Eisenbud, and covers Rosenberg’s presentation at the recent Jerusalem Leaders Summit.

While referring to Rosenberg as a best-selling author and former US and Israel political adviser, the article makes no mention of his determined work as an active Christian missionary who partners in the proselytizing of Jews  through his Joshua Fund, and who collaborates with Chosen People Ministries, a virulent messianic missionary organization.

Nor does the article mention that the recent Jerusalem Leaders Summit, which featured Rosenberg as one of the speakers, was largely sponsored by major Christian organizations with an evangelizing agenda, such as theFamily Research Council (FRC) and National Religious Broadcasters(NRB).

FRC states as its mission the following:

“Family Research Council’s mission is to advance faith, family and freedom in public policy and the culture from a Christian worldview.”

NRB defines their organization as:

“…a unique gathering of people, united by purpose and message: to proclaim the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ; to transform culture through the application of sound biblical teaching; and to advance biblical truth, to promote media excellence, and to defend free speech.”

Rosenberg Covered, Bachmann Exposed

FRC President Tony Perkins added to the evangelical fire, which may have burned the other summit organizers when he interviewed Michelle Bachmann on his radio show, while Bachmann was in Israel on an FRC–sponsored tour with Perkins. The press has been having a field day with Michele Bachmann’s remarks on the necessity and urgency to missionize Jews, in anticipation of what Bachmann perceives as the imminent return of jesus.

Missionary Joel Rosenberg may have gotten off scot free, but the Jerusalem Post did not shy away from exposing Michele Bachmann’s conversionary remarks,  even though the JPost Editor-in-Chief, Steve Linde, served as a high-profile moderator for the Leadership Summit which was co-sponsored by the FRC.*

*[It must be noted that Bachmann was not affiliated with nor a scheduled speaker at the summit, but rather was on tour with Perkins’ FRC group.]

Yet Bachmann’s comments pale in comparison to the stuff Joel Rosenberg regularly dishes out. Last week while standing with CBN’s Chris Mitchell  on the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount, Rosenberg declared that his lord and savior is coming to Jerusalem and that it is time to spread the gospel to the Jews.

Last March Rosenberg preached to a crowd at the Billy Graham Training Center about “provoking the Jews to jealousy”. He implored the Christian audience to convert Jews to a belief in jesus because “the worst act of anti-Semitism” is to deny Jews “the way to heaven” and “send them to hell” by not sharing the gospel.

Selective or Problematic Reporting?

That the Jerusalem Post gave the Leadership Summit more post-summit coverage than the rest of the Israeli press could be due to the fact that JPost Editor in-Chief Steve Linde served as a moderator for the event. But throwing spotlight headlines on Rosenberg as the “evangelical strategist” may have backfired. JewishIsrael noticed that the title of the JPost article has been changed from the original “Evangelical strategist sees Iran as bigger world threat than Islamic State” to “International threat of radical Islam discussed at Jerusalem Leadership Summit”.

While Rosenberg was clearly listed as a featured speaker by the organizers of the summit and promoted by the sponsors, his name is conspicuously absent from the significant press coverage leading up to the event which appeared in the Jewish and Israeli press such as the Times of Israel, the Jewish Press, and Arutz 7.  As of this writing it seems that the JPost is the only mainstream news source offering any follow-up report on the Summit.

It could be that Rosenberg stole the show with his disconcerting eschatological-apocalyptic predictions, but it could also be that Summit sponsor Tony Perkins’ interview with Michelle Bachmann did significant public relations damage and gave plenty of fodder to the liberal press which likes to portray conservative leaders as wingnuts.

JewishIsrael notes that this is not the first time that JPost columnist Daniel K. Eisenbud neglected to mention the significant missionary background of a personality featured in his articles. Back in 2012 and again in 2013  Eisenbud ran feature stories on  Pastor/Dr. Mike Evans without mentioning his infamous history as a leading messianic leaderwho converted large numbers of young Jews to Christianity.  At the time Columnist Judy Lash Balint did not take that sitting down and exposed Evans in a Times of Israel blog article.

Columnist Eisenbud may feel that the information on these missionaries is either irrelevant, uncomfortable or inconvenient.  Perhaps the information is not in keeping with the impression of Christian Zionism that the columnist wishes to convey. Nevertheless, it is essential information for the Jewish community to have.

What is intriguing and perhaps no coincidence is that Mike Evans’ new Friends of Zion Museum (FOZ) has been given quite a boost through video and press reports by Jerusalem Leaders Summit organizers Joel Anand Samy and Natasha Srdoc of the International Leaders Summit.

Jewish Leadership Participation

Why certain Jewish leaders from the public and private sector seemingly jump at the opportunity to rub shoulders with those who openly and actively seek the demise of Judaism is an age-old question, which urgently needs to be answered.

Among the Israeli speakers at the Jerusalem Leaders Summit were government officials, diplomats, business leaders, media watchdogs, and IDF top brass.  It’s hard to imagine that these savvy public figures and leaders failed to do proper due diligence when it came to missionary Rosenberg and other evangelical personalities and organizations involved in the summit.

As far back as 2010, JewishIsrael reported on Joel Rosenberg’s ability to draw top Israeli leaders, including those in senior government postitions,  to his events in order “to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus.”

Now that Rosenberg managed to make aliyah as a Christian last year, he will try to do everthing he can to further the evangelical thrust into Israel and to establish a firm messianic missionary foothold in the Jewish state.

If our leadership can’t draw the lines with our evangelizing “friends”,  then certainly the Israeli public needs to do their own due diligence and cut through the impressive rhetoric and presentation by evangelical leaders at events , conferences, business forums,  and “Feasts” in order recognize the scam and ploy for what it is. In Rosenberg’s own words, as he pretends to be a Jew and quips and implores Christians to convert Jews:

“I’m a failed political consultant. That’s what I do. That’s what I did. Now I just make things up for a living. Fortunately there’s a title for that – ‘novelist’…I got the gift of storytelling.”

Rosenberg goes on to urge Christians to share “the greatest story ever told” (the new testament) with the Jewish people. JewishIsrael doesn’t recommend “the gospel” as a good read, but we suggest that those who recklessly engage the evangelical and messianic community to review and learn the following passage well:

“When I was with the Jews, I lived like a Jew to bring the Jews to Christ. When I was with those who follow the Jewish law, I too lived under that law. Even though I am not subject to the law, I did this so I could bring to Christ those who are under the law.”1 Corinthians 9:20

Rabbi Riskin Gave Joel Rosenberg a Hecsher at Lincoln Square Synagogue

In April 2014, it was Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, through the auspices of his Ohr Torah Stone and Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) institutions who opened up the doors of the Lincoln Square Synagogue for a dialogue with missionary Rosenberg. The event was a coup for Rosenberg and for missionary organizations which target Jews for conversion:

“I attended the dialogue and am convinced that it was a significant event! I have been a believer for forty-two years, I come from a traditional Jewish background, and I never thought I would hear a clear testimony for Jesus in a modern Orthodox synagogue (the type of synagogue in which I was raised!)”Mitch Glaser, President, Chosen People Ministries (CPM)

A mere four months after that event, in August 2014, missionary Rosenberg announced that he and his family would be making Aliyah to Israel:

“Based on my Jewish roots on my father’s side, the State of Israel has granted us citizenship. We are now dual citizens of the United States and Israel, and are deeply grateful to the Lord for making this possible in His timing and by His grace.”

The Rabbis who make light of the evangelical agenda, who routinely joke of asking the mashiach upon his arrival, “is this your first or second time?” should realize just how unfunny and very serious this matter has become – in great part thanks to them. Our leaders have accepted millions of dollars from, and have encouraged and empowered multi-millions of Christian “friends” who fervently entertain christ-centered visions and an ultimate plan for Israel and the Jewish people. They are actively working to bring those visions to fruition. These christians’ and their dreams spell nothing less than the usurping of our heritage and the eradication of Judaism as we know it.

Business is Business, Right?

Me and Stu

Me and Stu

There is a popular term often used as a catchall phrase to justify the most strangest of actions. ‘Business is Business” is to convey the meaning that the purpose of business is to make a profit, and that other things, such as personal feelings and other inconsistencies, must not be allowed to prevent the making of the profit.

With respect to the Messianic Judaism business model, inconsistencies in theology are similarly ignored for the sake of the mission and its ongoing agenda. The ongoing agenda is of course to convert Jews to Jesus.

In a very slick donor donation video presentation by the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI), we have a gambit proposed with all the familiar characters including Dr. Stuart Daurmann, in the context of academic achievement. No doubt addressing the problem of mixed marriages[Stuart’s pet subject], students a la MJTI studies may be able to use impressive academic terms such as “an anticipatory or proleptic position”, “a post-supersessionist position” or a “post cryptosupersessionist position”, to help them in their evangelistic efforts with their Jewish in-laws. Yep I think you are onto a winner with this one Stuart! The bottom line in the donor video presentation is that the Jewish community at large and real Rabbis in particular are going to be so impressed that they will jump over to the ‘truth’ of Jesus/ Yeshua!!

the ceremony

Graduates of MJTI

The gambit of the donor video then maneuvers from the idea of ‘educated’ evangelists in Jewish matters providing that vital link of acceptability to providing video support from another familiar face emerging onto the messianic scene. The familiar face is Diane Cohen who is now a MJTI board member and was one of the first people to be interviewed by Stuart Daurmann in one of his radio shows.

Diane Cohen board member

The fly in the ointment of course is that Diane Cohen has appeared in a video for One for Israel Ministries. One for Israel Ministries is probably one of the most aggressive messianic endeavors which is complete with angry attacks on rabbinic tradition, lies about the content and purpose of Talmudic passages, and open invitations for Jews to convert to Christianity—all of it in fluent, eloquent Hebrew, delivered by two clean-cut, bona fide Israeli salesmen.

A top video of One for Israel is titled “The Oral Torah — the Big Lie.” Its content is a familiar accumulation of arguments against rabbinic law which began as far back as the pre-destruction split between the Sadducees and the Pharisees, continued with the Karaaites of the 7th century, was picked up by Spinoza in the 17th century and reached its full blossom with the Reform movement in Germany in the 1820s. The effect, however, coming from extremely manipulative speakers, and directed at an Israeli audience with limited knowledge of their own traditions, is yet to be seen.

Diane Cohen is not the only fly in the ointment for Stuart Daurmann who has in the past addressed an article published in a popular Christian venue, in which the author Ron Cantor, a Messianic leader in Israel, proceeded to discount the validity of the Jewish claim of a divinely authoritative Oral Law. Stuart says this kind of literature is grievous and damaging to the cause of representing a credible Yeshua-faith to ‘our fellow Jews’. Stuart then closes with a request to Ron and others in the me$$ianic business. The request is to a principle known as “pikuach nefesh” which states that short of idolatry, murder, and adultery, one may do anything to save a life, including breaking any of the mitzvot. As an example Stuart cites Rahab the Harlot who lied to the representatives of the King of Jericho when he came looking for the Jewish spies. Saving lives was more important than “telling the truth”. Stuart argues that for the sake of saving Jewish lives, of commending ‘our Messiah’ to ‘our people’, Stuart encourages Ron and the others in the messianic believers’ movement to become followers of Rahab: and lie. Tell people that the Oral Torah and the religious legacy of ‘our people (Jews)’ are honorable, beautiful and holy, even if that is not your view.

2 Nahum Sokolov Street/ Keren Hayesod Street Jerusalem

The not so secret location Of the MJTI on 2 Nahum Sokolov Street/ Keren Hayesod Street Jerusalem

Well not really, is it Stuart? In his article “On Keeping Your Mouth Shut and Saving a Life” seems to have some rather hard dynamics to understand when actually discussing the religious legacy of ‘our people’! Not even when it comes to things which are not even Oral Law but instead just plain biblical (see how Nehemiah sorts out the intermarriage problem in Neh 13:23-28 and Ezra 9:1-2 which also validates Oral Torah too BTW, Jewish status is established through the mother and not the father or via a halachic conversion). Hiding in the smokescreen of “matters of interpretation” will not avail you much in your agenda ‘rabbi’ Jews for Jesus Dauermann because even the ‘older’ Jewish scriptures prove you to be wrong. Intermarriage is not an example of obeying Torah it is in actual fact a violation of it.

The bottom line, no matter how Messianic Jews try to ‘spin it’ in the present with various new tricks, we can at least appreciate Ron Cantor’s candor and an increasing band of others in their rejection of Oral and Written Law and see that in fact Stuart Daurmann’s claim that the Oral Torah and the religious legacy of ‘our people’ is honorable, beautiful and holy is absolute hogwash!! Not only hogwash but morally questionable in view of his possible ‘illegal’ misappropriation of “pikuach nefesh” but then again ‘they’ are saving those Jewish lives are they not with that evangelical paradigm, so that must make it OK?

And after all Business is Business and there is no business like the Me$$ianic Bu$$ine$$.

Michele Bachmann Calls for Converting ‘As Many Jews as We Can’ After Israel Tour

On conservative radio show, former presidential candidate calls to step up efforts to bring Jews to Christianity, because Jesus is ‘coming soon.’

JTA Nov 08, 2015 4:20 PM
Former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann called for an intensified effort to convert Jews to Christianity.

Bachmann, a former congresswoman from Minnesota who ran for the Republican presidential nod in 2012, was in Israel last week on a tour organized by the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group.

Toward the end of the week, she spoke on FRC President Tony Perkins’ radio program, Washington Watch, and discussed the meaning of the recent intensification of violence in Israel and the West Bank. She cast the violence as a signal of the return of Jesus, which would necessitate mass conversions.

“We recognize the shortness of the hour,” Bachmann said, “and that’s why we as a remnant want to be faithful in these days and do what it is that the Holy Spirit is speaking to each one of us, to be faithful in the Kingdom and to help bring in as many as we can — even among the Jews — share Jesus Christ with everyone that we possibly can because, again, He’s coming soon.”

First to report Bachmann’s call was Right Wing Watch, a project of People for the American Way, a church-state separation advocacy group.


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