The Great De-Population Agenda

Dr. Zelenko

“The good is going to win. God will win. The only variable here is the body count. And what I really think what’s going on is the world really has slid into what, I guess, would be comparable to Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. Debauchery, immorality, the sanctity of marriage being decimated, gender roles, abortion, child sacrifice, basically the worship of false gods.

“And I think for me, it’s like we’re in the generation of the flood and the waters are rising and God is giving us an opportunity to get on the Ark and save ourselves or drown in the turbulent waters. The world is going to get cleaned up and the ultimate choice is, ‘Who are you going to bow down to?’

“Are you going to bow down to the creator who makes us every instant in time, who loves us, who gives us strength, resolve, consciousness, free will? Or are you going to bow down to sociopaths, oligarchs and corrupt governments? Well, let’s see how that works out.

“So it’s a choice being given to every single human being. That’s — what you were saying that there are blessings here — that is the hidden blessing because we as a society, as a world, worshiped every god except the true God. The god of science, the god of technology, the god of money, the god of fame, the god of power.

“And so we’ve placed our faith in the workings of man and not in the omnipresent, ubiquitous creator who is vivifying creation every instant of time. You know, happy birthday. And I mean that because He just made you and me. So it’s an active dynamic process. That’s the way, by the way, I deal with anxiety because anxiety lives in the psychological space where the consciousness of God is absent.

“And so, if I believe that God is in me and around me and actively engaged in creating me, then I’m not alone. And if I’m not alone, I’m not going to be anxious. Anyway, that’s my theological commentary.”

It seems more and more over the past couple of months that doctors I talk to regarding Covid, the vaccines, and the globalist agenda turn out to be spiritual in their worldview. In fact, the vast majority of the people I’ve interviewed on the topic have either been practicing Christians or practicing Jews. That says a lot about who the conspiracy is really targeting.

“I’m a conspiracy realist. You know, there’s a crime that people go to jail for. It’s called conspiracy to commit murder. The word conspiracy means a group of people got together to plan something really, really bad. So, yes, there’s a conspiracy. It’s just not a theory. It’s reality. And I’m going to show you this. So, it’s a difficult puzzle to put together, but I think if people just think about it and meditate on it, you’ll see.

“I’ve established COVID-19 is a bioweapon and there I’ll make available the papers and the patents and the document, how this has been made and who paid for. By the way, I’m not stupid. I know that every word that I say gets hyper-scrutinized. People are looking for a way to destroy my reputation because I’m speaking against the narrative of the sociopaths. And so I’m very careful that when I do say something, even if it’s a controversial or sounds unbelievable, but I’m very careful to have the evidence to document, at least why I’m saying what I’m saying. That’s important.

“So if you look at two patents, they were very eye-opening to me. In 2021, August 31st, there’s a patent approved — United States patent — that is 50-pages long and it’s very high tech, complicated nano technology that describes what is already in the vaccines and it describes this high-tech capability to measure biometric data. So, meaning your heart rate, your respiratory rate, your temperature, and more importantly, it transmits that data with your location to a third party.

“Now, you know, in 2016, Klaus Schwab give an interview and he said that within 10 years, by 2026, every single human being will be tagged with a digital identifier. So how do you get — why we’ll talk about in a minute — but how do you get 7 billion people to agree to get injected with a digital identifier? Well, how about you create a weapon, you release it, you scare the hell out of everyone. You isolate people, put a face diaper on them. Then you come out with a solution which is not really a solution, but it’s a lie, and people gravitate and ask for it. It’s brilliant.

“Okay, so there’s another patent. This one I know by heart. It’s a Microsoft patent, 2020. It’s a national patent. It’s WO-2020-060606. And it talks about the linkage of biometric data transmission to crypto cards. There’s another two, three things, a few details. If you look at the 2030 World Economic Forum agenda, number one is that America will no longer be dominant and a few powers will govern the world. That’s the stated agenda, which is now the 2030 UN agenda.

“If you look at the data from the Congressional Budget Office — again, I have all this — Medicare will become insolvent in 2026. Well, this information has been known for 30 years, that we had passed the threshold of no return. That Medicare and Social Security were dead. The only variable was when, and that could be controlled very simply. If you want to move the date up, you just increase entitlements. So you lead it to insolvency much quicker. The predictions or just common sense global ramifications on the world economic system will be catastrophic.

“So let’s get back to China for a second. So China just created their central bank, the digital Yuan. Then they banned every other cryptocurrency. Then they linked the social credit system to cryptocurrency, which means if the Chinese government, who controls the central bank, doesn’t like what you say they could restrict, limit, or outright deny you the ability to transact.

“So now I don’t have to put a bullet in your head. I’ll just prevent you from buying bread. This is the, I mean, I don’t have the evidence for this, but it’s just logical that this information has been known about the impending economic collapse since the mid-nineties. Now, who stands to lose the most from a global economic collapse? Well, it’s the richest people in the world and those that have power.

“So they want to maintain their wealth and their power. So there is a very creative solution and it took this long for many reasons, one, the technology didn’t exist. They had to finish mapping the human genome, ethically create a CRISPR Cas9 technology, which allows for gene editing, which we’ll talk about in a minute, in order to really finalize their vision.

“So when the economic collapse happens, the only system that will be left standing is a global cryptocurrency system that’s controlled by a few global powers. And in order to participate in that cryptocurrency system, you’re going to need to be a transmitter of biometric data. So, forget about Apple Pay. Your hand, essentially will be the tool through which you can transact.

“Sounds cool, but here are the problems. What if I don’t want to be inoculated? So then I can’t participate in global transactions, financial transactions. What if the government doesn’t like what I say? So they will restrict my ability to transact. It’s a control mechanism. It’s enslavement. It’s what the Christian faith would call the mark of the beast. So that’s one dimension to it. It’s control. Slavery has always been the most lucrative industry in the history of humanity, There is active measures to enslave humanity under the control of a few global sociopaths.

“In other words, we’re dealing with Hitler and Stalin on steroids with weapons of mass destruction.”

The question now turns to who Dr. Zelenko believes is behind all of this. It’s a topic we’ve covered profusely over the past few months. There is not quite a consensus, but enough of the most respected people I’ve talked to on the subject have pointed towards the same people the Dr. Zelenko believes is behind it all.

“And at the center of this is the World Economic Forum which was founded in 1971 and they started a global leadership school. The first graduates of this school are Angela Merkel who ran Germany and Bill Gates. Subsequently, the French Prime Minister, Macron, Justin Trudeau, Ardern from New Zealand, Morrison from Australia, all of these sociopaths are graduates of this ideology. They’re prostitutes. They don’t serve the interests of their country. They don’t serve the interests of their citizens. They are serving a global master and they’ve sold out their countries and America is no different.

“And so let me also bring a few facts to the table. Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates have both said that these vaccines change who you are. That’s not my phrase. It’s theirs. And they go on to explain through gene editing technology that the mRNA platform has it been engineered to introduce CRISPR Cas9 technology, which is basically a scissor that cuts out a fragment of your genetic code and the fragment can be customized. You can choose where to cut and then you can splice in foreign code, foreign DNA.

“Now, we are made in the image of God. What does that mean? Well, it means that His wisdom is imprinted onto our genetic code because our genetic code determines who we are. So let’s call the human 1.0, the God version. What sociopaths are interested in doing — and we’ll talk about why in a minute — is creating human 2.0 or what they call transhumanism.

“They think through intelligent design — they’re intelligent design — they can create a better human. So anyone who has fallen prey to these vaccines is now made in the image of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. I wouldn’t give these degenerates my password to my email. Why would I give them access to my genetic code?

“These are their stated goals, not mine. And so these are godless people who don’t believe in an afterlife. So when you are viewing existence from that perspective, you don’t want to die. And so what they’re actively engaged in is creating inorganic platforms or cyborgs or robots where they believe they can transfer their consciousness to, and basically attain immortality.

“And this is their state of goals. Look up Ray Carswell and Yuval Noah Harari, real sociopath. Harari is Obama’s favorite author. He said that on CNN. And so what these degenerates want to do is they’ve hacked literally hacked the human genome code and are able to, you know, if they wanted to, they can splice horse DNA into you.

“You know, in 2004, there was a CIA presentation. They attribute it to Bill Gates, but that’s not true, but the presentation is true. It was leaked that they identified a Jihadi gene, a gene that is associated with religious extremism and we’re working on, technology to suppress that gene. So in other words, genetic manipulation of traits.

“Now we may or may not agree with that one. That’s not the point. The point is that they’re playing God. Let’s say for some reasons they want and don’t want to suppress blue eyes. They can do that. What if they want to suppress your thought patterns? Or manipulate your thought patterns? All this technology is being developed.

“And so there is a trans-humanist ultimate agenda here. There is a population control agenda as well. There’s something called the Georgia Guidestones. No one knows who really did it, but the first statement is — they call it the 10 commandments — is that the world population should be reduced to 500 million. Bill Gates in 2015 at a Ted lecture said that global warming is the biggest threat to the planet and therefore we need to limit carbon emissions. And the way to do that is to reduce the world population by 10 to 15% using vaccines. So in 2020, the same sociopath said 7 billion people need to be vaccinated. So here’s a simple question. Why would I take a vaccine for my health from someone was advocating for and financing a technology to reduce the world population?

“And, and let’s look at what these vaccines do. So there was an article published in an Israeli newspaper that Israeli funeral directors have seen a ten-x increase in death, in dead people; they’re completely overrun and don’t have the capacity to give everyone a proper burial. And according to the government, people are dying from Omicron.

“Now, there’s a problem with that analysis because no one else is dying from Omicron. In South Africa where it started, no one died from Omicron. In America with effective treatment, no one’s dying from Omicron. In my direct experience, no one’s dying from Omicron and there’s a reason why. It’s true that it’s much more infectious than even measles, however, it’s been proven that it only affects the upper airway and not the lower airway. So it spares the catastrophic acute respiratory distress syndrome. So people don’t develop that type of complication. And so, why are Israelis dying? And the younger ones also? Well, Israel turns out is the most vaccinated country in the world from the perspective of multiple injections. For example, it’s leading the world in the number of its citizens that have four shots.

“Now, what if I tell you there are 30 peer reviewed papers that I know of that have documented how these vaccines destroy your innate immune system? They damage your T-cell function. They damage a natural killer cell function. And they suppress tumor suppressor genes.

“So if someone has an immune deficiency, then yeah, they can die from a cold and they can die from Omicron. So how did they get this immune deficiency? Well, they acquired it. Well, how did they acquire it? Well, it’s not through HIV, so I don’t know. Could it be the shot? And so what would you call that then?

“An acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

“And, you know, the Department of Homeland Security issued an edict two days ago that speaking against the government narratives of the vaccines is now considered domestic terrorism. What that means, they now have the, I guess the permission, or I wouldn’t say authority, but audacity that they’re gonna start imprisoning without due process.

“People like myself or others, like Dr. Malone, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Gold, attacking the oldest of freedom fighters. And they can technically put us in Guantanamo Bay. And so what we’re witnessing is the trampling of our constitutional rights, the trampling of freedom of speech, and really an attempt to destroy the soul of this country. And unite all government under one globalists leadership.”


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