Well patience is a virtue, especially when a redacted  post of mine made on Michael Brown’s Line of Fire made in July finally gets approval:

video pulled copy

In a seemingly related yet mysterious event, the video of Michael Brown endorsing ‘rabbi’ Shapira’s book “The return of the Kosher Pig” gets pulled of the net. Could it be that Brown et al., have finally realized that this book billed for its fine academic accuracy is now a big embarrassment for the messianic community at large? A scholarly review of the book may be found here and here. Will the messianic community have the integrity to admit that their seal of approval for this book was mistaken? Watch this space.

From Joshua Brumbach Yinon Blog:

According to my friend, Dr. Jeffrey Seif, who is the Kings University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies, this book is:

“A real eye opener. Well researched. Well written. Engaging. A great read for those wanting to get insights in the Jewish world and worldview.”

the scholars

The glowing approbations found on the kosher pig website

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